Written by Peter

7 Aug 2017

I have written a couple of times telling how my wife would tell me how she was fucked when I was working away. After my last story someone asked if I had sex when I was away. Yes, I did. I was working in Jeddah for a few months doing some maintenence work. I got friendly with some Brits and they invited me to a party they were holding the following Thursday. The Muslim weekend is Thursday and Friday not Saturday and Sunday like ours. Their camp was great, amid their apsrtments was a swimming pool with tables each with parasols. They also arranged transport for British and Irish nurses who who worked in the local hospitals. There were drinks supplied which were red and white wines and sidiki which was my friend in Arabic. It was very much like Pacini. Totally illegal in Saudi as was the wine of course, Anyway, at the party I met Pat, an Irish nurse from Dublin. We got chatting and I arranged to take her out for a meal the following week. This I did and dropped her off at her apartment. The following Thursday there was another party, apparantely they held one every Thursday. This time I took Pat back to my apartment and after kissing her we went to bed. She was really more than ready to fuck as she hadn't had sex more a long while. She wasn't married and lived with her mother back in Dublin. She a nice body, nice from breasts. I soon had her naked and myself and I was really randy, my cock hard and erect. We were soon in the 69 position, me on my back, her on top of me. Her mouth soon had taken my length as my tongue licked over clit and into her very wet cunt. She removed my cock from her mouth and said how good it was and how she needed it as she had,not had sex for such a long time. I told her how good it was her sucking my cock. She told me how good it felt as my tongue caressed her clit and her cunt. She asked me if I came as she was sucking me would I get hard again to fuck her. I told it would be no problem as I really wanted her. We continued in the 69 position until she sucked every drop of spunk from my cock. She told me how much she enjoyed swallowing my spunk and the climax she had from my tongue on her clit.

We lay quietly and she held my cock, gently caressing it as I squeezed her firm tits and then moved my hand to her cunt which made her gasp again. She was wet and I licked her nipples and rolled my tongue around them making them grow hard and ready to suck. My cock soon got hard again and she sighed and said "Oh Peter, I want you fuck me". I moved on top of her and she opened her legs wide, lifting them so that her knees were alongside her tits. I thrust my length fully inside her making her catch her breath. I started to give her a really good shagging, she told me to fuck her harder and soon she climaxed loudly and then told me to fucker from behind. This I did ramming my cock hard into her making her cry out then she surprised by telling me to fuck her are. That was the first time a women had asked me to do that. I withdrew my cock from her cunt, it was wet from her juices and I guided my knob into the entrance of her anus and slowly inside her. She moaned as she took every inch. " oh Peter that's so fucking good" she sighed, come inside me she gasped. I held her hips and shagged her hard and long before I felt myself reaching my climax and rammed my prick hard into her and shot my load deep inside her. She moaned into the pillow. My cock slowly softened and I withdrew it from her. That trip was a really good one.