Written by Awoke by her and lover

1 May 2010

This happened only last night and i still cannot believe it did or that im still so turned on as i write it. My wife Julie who is 42 went out with her mates to celebrate one of their birthdays,Julie as usual looked stunning as she left she has long red hair green eyes is a size 14 with nice 36c tits,Julies greatest asset in my eyes anyway is her legs they are firm tanned(well fake counts) and not too skinny like alot of womens legs,she went out wearing a shortish dress that ended just above her knees.

I got a call last night from her around ten saying to go to bed but leave the door unlocked as she had not brought a key out with her,about 11 i headed upto bed and fell asleep fairly quickly,now our house has a back lane running behind it and at about 2am i was woken by a noise coming from there through the open bedroom window,i lay there for a few seconds then i heard it again, it was the sound you know when a couple are having fun i looked out of the window and could see some movement through the gaps in the fence with the street light shining down on the playful pair but i really just thought it was a young couple on their way home,i got back into bed, lay there for maybe a minute,then i heard a very loud female groan, i recognised the groan straight away and was almost sure without even having to look that it was Julie, i quickly put on some trousers and trainers and made my way downstairs to the back door opened it as quietly as i could then made my way down the garden and between the two large trees that are in front of the fence,i then went straight to one of the knotty wood holes that are in the fence and could see a youngish guy maybe late teens early 20's humping away on the ground i couldnt make out the woman because he was blocking the light,i stood there semi hard with a strange feeling of fear and hope that it was my wife he was fucking,i didnt have to wait too much longer to find out as she cum she moaned as Julie does "oh my god im cumming",i nearly fell over once i knew it was her,the fact i now knew it was meant the fear and hope emotions went and were replaced with a horny feeling that only guys who have been in this position before must know about.

The lad kept humping away and i was just wanting him to finish so i could get her inside and fuck her myself,i even thought of going round and telling him to fuck her in our house but i thought this might scare him away,so i let him finish,i wasnt sure if he had used a condom because as he got up he turned away to pull his pants up so i was unable to see if he took a rubber off,Julie then stood up pulled her skirt back down she snogged him then he headed back down the lane the other way as she began to walk round to the front of our house,i quickly ran up the garden through the kitchen into the living room and put the telly on,about a minute later the front door opened and in she walked looking a little well "fucked", i could see her freeze at the living room door through the glass as she realised i was still up, she then opened the door smiled at me and said innocently "i thought you would be in bed" i said "no i was watching a film it only just finished", she stood there still looking a bit unsure of what to say and do then i noticed she was holding something in her hand "whats that in your hand" i said, she then realised she was carrying her bra and knickers."err my bra was too tight so i took it off in the last pubs toilets and i was desperate for a wee so i had to und the lane for one", "is that why you have bits of grass and twig stuck to your dress i said".."yes i think i fell over as well im drunk", i then got up and said "so what really happened Julie"...she looked shocked and replied i just told you,"ok then so who was your young friend in the back lane" she smiled and said "ooops sorry i only snogged him though he couldnt get a taxi and he shared mine he wanted more but i said no",,"Julie ive just watched you on your back in the lane getting fucked,dont insult me",,she said" ok im sorry i never planned for it it just happened im drunk im sorry",, did he use a condom i asked,"yeah i think so",ok i said lets find out i pulled her dress up before she had the chance to back away and there was cum which had now turned into a sticky water running down her thigh down to the inside of her knee,so he never then i said you dirty slut, "what are you going to do please dont do anything im sorry" i then without thinking dropped down to my knees opened her up a bit and began to lick her clit and pushed my tounge up her sticky and very strange smelling pussy, i carried on doing this for about 5 minutes running my tounge down the cum trail that was down her leg,i then stood up and without any of us saying a word turned her around bent her over the dining table and stuck my by now rock hard cock up her pussy, she looked like a right tart as she gripped tha table edge taking her 2nd cock within half an hour, i then unloaded my own cum deep inside her.

After that i made us both a coffee and told her that deep down its something ive always fantasised about her fucking another guy then me going straight after, she even told me that she has been unfaithful twice before when she has been away with the girls on weekends away,we are now seriously going to look into swinging and maybe even dogging, although im not to bothered about "fucking" other women, i just love the thought of her with other men,ive even wondered if im in some way bi because i think like that,although i dont find men attractive what so ever, anyway thats it i will post again if we do take the next step.