Written by squrtandticle

16 Sep 2015

I have been dogging now for 45 years.I was a long distance lorry driver and spent 4 nights a week parked in lay by's all over the uk. My wife has known about it for most of our married life(42years) and told me she did not mind as long as I did not bring anything home!! More than fair! I have tried to get her into the scene but until last week she would not entertain it. I took her shopping to a Coastal town and we did the shop's. She did buy a nice set of lingerie with suspenders Size 14. she is now over 60 but I still find her sexy, she is sexy. I took her to a dogging picnic site I knew to try on her new underwear. I told her that it was safer than any other Lay-by because most people that came in were after the same as we were, SEX. She was changing into her new sexy basque and putting her lace top,s on when a car came into view and parked a discreet distance away. I told her it was ok because I had seen the man before. He wandered over with his hand in pocket after I gave him the thumbs up. My wife was very nervous but turned on enough to want to see his cock.He was playing with his dick in his jogging pant's and it looked impressive. I started to stroke her ample thighs and she soon relaxed a bit. I asked her if she was ok if he showed her it and she grunted in a way I knew meant yes. I have alway's liked to see women with their feet up on the dashboard,I think it show,s the shape of the legs off well, so she did as she was asked and her bottom was on the edge of the seat. I started to play with her in between her leg,s and with watching the now exposed cock of our new friend rearing and twitching for her she was very eager. He came closer to her window and was slowly pulling himself off. watching me playing with her clit. She then came loudly calling us both Dirty Bastard,s and I wanked her off until she wanted me to stop. I got out of the car and went around to her and she got out and knelt on the nearby picnic bench ready to let me fuck her doggystyle while the guy stood in front of her wanking faster and faster. I shot my load up her and he did the same on the table in front of her. He then left in as big a hurry as he could and we went home. She is now not keen to go again, but might do the same again if we go shopping there again.