Written by Steve

9 Oct 2010

Thanks for all your encouraging comments on part one - here's part two.

Zoe's face flushed and I knew she wanted to confess something to me. A couple of times in the past when I was fantasising about her screwing another man she would pause to tell me something but I always thought she was going to make up a story and had got shy, drawing back from the brink.

The evening had loosened Zoe up enough to finally speak out - my cock was hurting it was so hard. Zoe lay in bed next to me now, her tit's released from her tight revealing quarter bra, her soft pussy relaxing and her pert buttocks laying on the sheets. She face me and began to tell me what had happened with Mike when he was landscaping the garden.

She explained that for a few days she hardly spoke to him, taking him a cup of tea now and then, asking how he was getting on, small talk, that sort of thing. On the thursday, the fourth day he was in our garden, it was hot and Mike was working in shorts and boots with no top. She couldn't help looking and admitted her mind began to wander a little.

I couldn't help myself - I wanted all parts of the imagined scene in my mind, so I asked a couple of questions.

"did looking at him make you aroused?" I asked. She nervously replied "a little".

"Did it make you wet?" She paused and moaned a little. "Yyesss - a bit. I'm sorry...."

I encouraged to to not feel sorry, but to tell me more. Then she blurted out "I fucked him. I fucked him and now you know - I'm so sorry"

I was angry, flummoxed and anxious, but at the same time almost cumming right there in the bed. I rolled on top of her and slid my aching cock straight into her hot, tight pussy. I could feel how soaking wet and aroused she was by what was happening. My heart was pounding. "tell me every detail" I said, as I slid back and forth into her dripping hole.

She groaned and relaxed - tipsy, turned on and with my hard cock giving away my satisfaction rather than my disapproval, she began the full story......

Mike entered the kitchen and she was wearing a tight linen all-in-one dress - the type you can buy in GAP. She had planned to look suggestive that day, wearing no bra or knickers - just the linen dress. She had felt him looking her up and down since the day he came to give the quote. In truth she said she was only looking for attention and compliments in the beginning - no more than that.

She handed him a cup of tea as normal but what was different was they were not speaking to each other. There was a moment's tension but it was as if they both knew what was going to happen. He put the tea down, pushed her up against the kitchen table, grabbed her breasts and kissed her deeply. This was too fast and she tried to push him away, but the feeling of his huge stiff cock against her pussy through his jeans weakened her, and she relaxed, laying backwards over the table. She closed her eyes and grinned as she felt her dress being dragged down over her shoulders and lifted to her waist. A quick rattle of the belt was followed by Mike's cock up against her pussy. THey were now both like animals - her dripping pussy face to face with his rampant, animal cock ready to thrust into her. This had all taken 30 seconds from the point she had given him the cup of tea - clearly the tension had been buiding for days.

He wasted no time at all. He knew she had submitted in her own home. In case he was in doubt she grabbed his cock to guide it inside her.

By now I was about to come, thrusting her with all my might as I listened to the confession.

He fucked her firmly and dominantly for just three minutes; she said she screamed like she had never done during sex. He came in her, paused for a few seconds and then guided her into a kneeling position on the floor; he then slid his cock into her welcoming and ready mouth. Holding his buttocks she licked and sucked his cock clean, following his every instruction. He was ready again for the final use he had for my darling wife. She was laid back over the table, this time face down and fucked from behind - her bent over, him stood like a thrusting bull fucking and slapping against her buttocks with vigour.

Zoe confessed that the doggy fucking lasted about 15 minutes and after a number of orgasms she began to tighten up and hurt - she was truly spent. Finally he shuddered and shot the last of his seed deep inside her. After some tender kissed and a clean up, which included a further fuck in the shower, they carried on with their day as if nothing had happened. They fucked three more times on the days Mike was there, each time longer and more passionate. She stopped it on the last day, worried that she might not be able to stop if they carried on.

I was overcome and shot everything I had into my darling wife.

"I'm so sorry" she kept repeating to me, wondering where we went from here.

"I want you to do this more" I said in reply. "much more". As I said this I suspected she already was. "when was the last time you fucked someone else" I asked?

"I don't want to say" she replied. She said she would rather I told her my fantasies and we could try to make them a reality. Now there's an offer, I thought.