Written by alanally

27 Dec 2016

Having admitted to affairs with our groomsman and a friend my wife has opened up to more of her goings on behind my back. Firstly she was late 40s at the time and as now 5ft 10 short blonde hair very long legs and big boobs. She loves wearing nice clothes, mostly skirts and dresses with hold ups in winter and commando in the summer.

She works for a large public sector organisation and at this time one job related to ensuring the fire safety of her building. She regularly met several firemen who tested the equipment. One in particular - Chris took a shine to Allison. He apparently was 6ft 4ins dark hair and in her words very fit. One day he mentioned it was his birthday and asked for a kiss. She pecked him on the cheek but he said I was hoping to get a kiss. He grabbed her and stuck his tongue in her mouth to which she responded by grabbing his hardening cock. As they were about to get carried away they heard a noise and realised they should stop. Next day however he phoned and she agreed to go to his house that he shared from another fireman Gregg - as both were seperated - although Gregg had a steady girlfriend. She fucked him several times in this house.

One evening however saw things change slightly. Allison says she was completely naked on the settee with her legs wide open and Chris pumping her with his rock hard cock. The next thing she knows is that the door opens and in walks Gregg. He says 'fuck you were right mate she is a babe' and asks could he join in. Allison says Chris later told her this was a set up. At the time she was really horny and said ok. She sat up and Chris sat beside her and Gregg stripped off and sat on the other side of her on the couch. Next thing she knew was that her legs were opened with one leg on each fireman. The boys took turns snogging her and playing with her boobs or soaking pussy whilst she wanked their hard cocks. Chris pushed her onto her back and started licking he pussy as she sucked on Greggs cock. She says she came for about the 10th time that night before climbing onto Greggs cock.

She was now bouncing on his cock whilst Gregg told her she was a horny slut asking where her husband was - she told him I was at a rugby meeting and he just fucked her harder. She also told them I fucked her every day but she loved strange cock and they told her I was a lucky bastard. Chris was now behind her and the next thing she knew he was rubbing his cock around her arsehole. She told him no but Gregg pulled her down hard onto his cock and shoved his tongue into her mouth. The next thing she knew was that Chris had managed to get the head of his cock up her tight arse. She eventually stopped resisting and despite the initial pain she now started to enjoy 2 cocks filling both holes. The boys rode her hard telling her how big a slut she was before Gregg unleashed a torrent of spunk up her pussy. This seemed to push Chris over the edge he started shouting he was going to fill her arse with cum and the next thing she knew was that as she orgasmed Chris filled her arsehole with hot spunk.

They all apparently then just flopped onto the settee exhausted. Allison though jumped up and said she would have to go home and get a shower before I got home. She did however agree that they could double fuck her again some time in the future. The worst thing is that this is all 100% true. Her antics do actually get worse believe it or not and I will tell you these if interested.