Written by small_man

22 Feb 2012

About a couple of years ago I was made redundant and as my wife has a good job we agreed that I would take over the 'house husband' role. I have watched unsure at first as she has grown in stature and confidence. There is no question she has become more dominant both in and out the bedroom and we have explored this as I have come to accept it. She is a voluptuous lady, size 22 with 42F breasts who has always had a healthy sex drive.

Perhaps the biggest white truth wives ever tell their husbands is that they don't care about the size of their cock. This simply isn't true.

For years when my wife was giving me a handjob I would ask her to tell me about her previous lovers before we were married. I was always turned on by these stories especially those about guys with larger penises. One night I asked her if she preferred big cocks as previously she had always said she was happy with mine. She admitted she did and that her ideal length was seven or eight inches with good girth. I have a smaller penis at just five inches when erect and quite small when limp. I had a really intense orgasm when she wanked me and afterwards she said that she had no idea I enjoyed being humiliated and had not wanted to hurt my feelings.

I should stress we have a really good marriage but I encouraged her to continue telling me as matter of factly as possible how my cock measured up - or rather didn't. I enjoyed being told some guys she had been with had almost two times what I had to offer and that I simply didn't measure up. She was quite frank and said now I was in my 40s and had put on weight, I just wasn't satisfying her sexually.

At her request I bought a number of vibrators including a Rabbit and a larger 9 inch one with huge girth. Nowadays she expects me to massage her and when she is ready, to use the rabbit on her or 'Roger' as she calls him. She demands that I bring her to orgasm. Afterwards, I can mount her, but her pussy has been stretched by 'Roger', and she tells me she can feel my 'little thing poking around inside her' before I spunk copiously.

She also compares the 9 inch vibrator or 'BullyBoy' against my erection, highlighting how inadequate I am. We also purchased a seven inch strap on dildo which she has used on me. Initially I found this quite painful but can now accomodate the whole length in my anus once she has lubed me up. She enjoys fucking me and shows no mercy, holding my hips and forcing it in. She says she loves the feeling of power this gives her and is payback for all the years when I held the whip hand. The dildo has a vibrating end which also allows her to come to orgasm while fucking me.

We have discussed involving a well hung guy in our sessions, and I certainly feel we are moving towards me being cuckolded. I would welcome this, but we will both have to be ready.