Written by benny

4 Sep 2018

This happened nearly 20 years ago before we were married, me and the wife to be had gone for a walk late in the evening just after dark on Streatham common, we had walked for a while and had come across a bench just set back near the trees, we had sat down and had started to kiss, I had slid my hand into her blouse and under her bra and was playing with her nipples when I noticed a guy walk past , he hesitated when he saw us and walked back again just stopping at the edge of the trees and stood there watching we both saw him but just carried on and ignored him, he then moved closer and sat on the end of the bench and watched us , slowly he moved closer till his hand just touched my wifes leg, he let his hand rest there for a moment and I watched as his hand slid to the edge of her skirt and then back up again lifting her skirt as he did so, I watched as my wife slid forward and opened her legs slightly and her leg was now pressing against his, and his hand ran along the inside of her thigh until he reached her panties, slowly he began rubbing her pussy through the material til his fingers reached the edge and he pushed his fingers into her , all this time she had kept her eyes closed,

I watched as his other hand went to her tits and I sat back to watch the scene before me, as this was happening another guy passed and stood watching and rubbing the front of his pants , the first guy at this point pulled her panties down her legs and she kicked them off and then spread her legs completely giving the new watcher a view of her open pussy.

I moved back at this point and watched as the second guy took my place ,he opened her blouse fully and lifting her tits out and started sucking on her nipples at the same time as releasing his prick, the first guy got on his knees and started licking her wet pussy, it was at this point she opened her eyes , and seeing the second guys prick she started to wank him, the first guy wanted her to stand and bend over the bench, this she did and he came up behind here rubbing his prick along her slit, she told him he needed a condom, both guys pulled condoms out and put them on, I began to loose track of what was happening she was sucking cock they were licking and fingering her like there was no tommorow, the both tried to fuck her but the bench was at the wrong height, she then laid on the grass spread her legs and asked who's first, I watched and wanked as first one guy pumped her till he came and as soon as he pulled out the second guy mounted her fucking as hard as he could till he too filled his condom, looking down at her , laying with her legs wide open I just couldn't resist I got down there and stuck my bare prick straight up her freshly fucked pussy fucking her till I filled her pussy with my spunk, as I got up I saw there was another guy watching and wanking, but we had had enough , dressed and quickly left