Written by Barry T 36

12 Dec 2017

I’m Barry and I‘m 36 and married to Julie who is 31. Julie and I are not only married but are best friends. We have a lot of fun together but had never considered having sex with someone else even though we are quite adventurous in the bedroom however, we have just come back from the nest holiday ever and this is why.

Julie’s best friend Emma lives in Navada USA. Although born in London she works for an American airline managing flight schedules. She is hot and I mean hot, great body, pretty with long brown hair and the deepest brown eyes you will ever see. She has what you would call an hour glass figure but for some reason she’s single. She says that she is married to her job and only has boyfriend when she feels like one, over hear I would call then fuck buddies. So, Julia goes out there once a year for a month and I usually meet her there for a couple of weeks and we fly back together and this year was no different in that respect.

I arrive we have a great time but Julie who is very attractive with a slimmer figure and tiny ( but hot) breast starts asking me if I found Emma’s figure hot. I’m thinking that I need to be careful so I say that she is no hotter than you and that seems to work. Then Julie ask if I would have preferred her ( Julie) to have had bigger breasts so I tell her honestly that I think her body including her breast are hot and to stop worrying. Then she turns to me and says ‘I think Emma is hot’ and then starts to tell me about Emma’s fuck buddy friend and how they just split up and have agreed not to see each other anymore which has upset Emma. Julie looks at me and say’s ‘ that’s a shame’. Personally, I thought that it was a weird conversation. Then one evening we are sitting round Emma’s pool, the girls jump in and are messing around when the two of them take their tops off and are pushing each other and giggling and just messing around. It was hard not to look at Emma’s tits bouncing.

They called me in and I made a not to myself not to accidently touch Emma’s breasts or stare, then the girls pull of the bikini bottoms and start chanting for me to take my shorts off. In the end Julie tugs them down and so I throw them to the side. By now I’m getting hard but trying my best to hide it.

That was it for a good while until the two girls stop splashing around and stand facing each the in the shallow end with the water just over waist height. Julie looks over at me and says ‘Emma’s got great tits hasn’t she’ I laugh and say something like ‘very nice’. Emma then lifts one of her breasts and presses it against Julie’s rubbing her nipple against hers. Then does the same with the other one. By now I am hard thinking what the fuck are these two up to. Then Emma says something I didn’t catch and Julie laughs and say’s ‘can I?’ With that they move to a slightly shallower end and Emma holds her left breasts whilst Julie bends down and starts sucking her nipple, then opening her mouth wide to get as much of Emma’s breast in her mouth. She sucks her friends breast for a while, Emma’s head falls back and she’s biting her lip and groans. Then Julie stops and Emma does the same to her but managed to get all of Julies breast in her mouth.

This is a part of my wife I have never seen before and although it was hot as fuck I wasn’t’ sure I liked the fact that my wife now appears to like girls. After about 30 seconds or so of this Emma swims off and Julie comes over to me. I think she could see I was surprised and she gave me one of her smiles that she knows melts me. She asked if I was shocked and I said I was more surprised than shocked. I asked if they had done that before or gone further and she admits that they had ‘messed around’ a little in the past. She tells me that she isn’t a lesbian or BI but just likes having fun and loves me so much. We hug and then she says she has a favour to ask me but makes me promise not to be mad.

Now I was getting a little stressed, my wife wraps her arms round my neck and whispers in my ear ‘will you fuck my friend? ‘ I asked her if she was serious and she gives one of her cute little lost girl nods. Then she tells me that Emma is frustrated and that as her friend she wanted us to help her. Then she starts pulling me over to the shallow end where Emma is laying on her back. The water not quite covering her breasts. I lay on my stomach nest to her not sure if this was serious, Julie giggles and says ‘ she hot isn’t she’. I agreed, then my wife ran her finger round Emma’s seriously big and hard almost black nipple and said ‘ you suck one and I’ll suck the other’ before putting her mouth over Emma’s left breast. I felt obliged so followed her example and gave her right nipple a suck.

Then Julie’s finger was rubbing Emma’s clit, she moved her hand to my head and pulled it down and quietly told me to ‘taste it’. By now I was thinking ‘ what the fuck’, my wife is doing all the pushing and her hot friend is already whimpering and clearly not complaining so I lifted her arse and went down on her. Her pussy juice was sweet and I used my well tested techniques (tested on my wife) with great results. I looked up and Julie was really going for it rubbing her nipple into Emma breast, the two of them swapping spit. Then Emma who seemed to be out of breath already said something to Julie like ‘ make him do it’. My wife slid down and pulled me up by my arm, then leaned down and took hold of my solid cock guiding it to Emma’s pussy. ‘put it in’ she almost demanded. I looked at Julie who said ‘ please do it for me’.

I pressed my cock against Emma’s clit and slid it in. She was tighter than I expected but she was wet and even though my cock is quite thick it fitted perfectly. I was gentle to begin with but the whole scene was too much and in no time I was shagging her mercilessly with my wife sucking and exploring Emma’s body whilst I banged her for all I was worth. I don’t think the whole thing lasted more than 20 min before the tow girls where shaking and bucking and groaning and clearly having Cumming. I warned them I was going to cum and because I wasn’t’ wearing protection I pulled out and shot my load over Emma’s impressive bouncing tit’s Julie lapped my cum up and shared it with Emma.

The next day I bought some condoms and fucked the two of them properly although the last evening before we left Emma was riding me then she moved up, pulled the condom off and slid back in in time for me to cum inside her. Julie didn’t seem to notice so I didn’t say anything.

On the day that we were flying home Emma was upset, she said that we were her best friends and so we made arrangements to go back. We all hugged but Emma asked if she could ‘eat’ my cock one last time. It sounded funny and we laughed but the two girls were tugging at my trousers already and as soon as they were round my ankles they pushed me onto the settee and then my cock was inside Emma’s mouth and she was gagging. Julie said we had to be quick because the taxi would be here soon so Emma started tossing me off and sucking my cock. In no time at all I was well on my way to shooting my load, I warned her but Julie held her head down and I splashed a good amount f cum in her mouth causing Emma to splutter cum. Then the two girls explored each other’s mouths swapping my cum before my wife put her tongue in my mouth and I tasted my own salty cum.

We just had time to clean ourselves before the taxi arrived. There was a teary goodbye at the airport but I’m sure we’ll be back soon. That was a month ago and Emma already has a new fuck buddy and has shared a video of them fucking. Apparently he want’s to shag Julie but I’m not sure we’ll go that far.