Written by Barry T

18 Dec 2017

Hi all. I wrote on the 12th December about my holiday to Las Vegas and how my wife Julie introduced me to swinging and to be honest although a few asked for more I didn’t expect there to be any more until her friend came over her to visit or until we went back but I have now found out that my wife has had a ‘thing’ about watching me fuck other women for some time. She has confided in me that one of her many fantasies was to watch me with another woman and / or to have a threesome with me and another woman but mainly she loves the thought of watching.

This is all great but I didn’t think that other than going on fuck buddy websites that this was ever going to be a ‘thing’ for us but If you don’t know already from experience or like me have been a little naïve then there are plenty of people who you wouldn’t expect to be into what I call ‘outside the box’ sex out there as I have been finding out.

Now, there are going to be a few of you who think that what I’m going to tell you is wrong but you would have to be in the situation and understand how it all came about before you could truly understand.

Julie and I have great sex, its hottest and wildest when we talk about out Vegas holiday or when we and I mean Julie, starts talking dirty and explaining to me in details her fantasies whilst I’m fucking her. So it was no surprise when she asked if I would be up for ‘it ‘again and by ‘it’ I mean sex with another one of her friends. I was cautious because this one is married and her husband isn’t aware that his wife has what Julie calls ‘urges’. So let me explain.

My wife tells me about Alison who is a little younger than us. She is, as is most of my wife’s circle of friends ‘hot’. Pretty with a great figure, or did have until she became pregnant. Yes, she is now about 8 months pregnant and I guess this is the bit when I piss some readers off. My wife goes on and on about how Alison craves sex, more so since she became pregnant, her husband on the other hand has gone off sex with his wife since he made her pregnant. Julie tells me that it had become so bad that Alison had even considered going out and trying to get laid with any guy she could find who was interested. I said that whilst our holiday fucking was great this was something else and I wasn’t’ sure if screwing another mans pregnant wife ) especially so advanced) was the right thing to do.

Julie does her pouty, doe eyed ‘please do it for me’ look but I insisted that it wasn’t a good idea. But as usual my wife doesn’t listen and invites Alison round for ‘coffee’. I was told that I wasn’t to go out that evening and that I should stay in to support my wife whilst she supports her pregnant friend. I said supporting is fine but fucking her pregnant friend isn’t. Julie promises me that sex isn’t on the agenda ( ye right).

The evening arrives and in comes Alison. We had met before so it was a little more awkward with me suspecting that my wife had already told Alison about what we had talked about. We sat around having coffee until I went to our study to mess around on the computer and give the girls some privacy to chat. All’s well so far until I’m called into the lounge. My wife asks me to sit down which I do hoping that this hasn’t got anything to do with her ‘plans’ because on the one had I’m not sure it’s a good idea anyway and on the other Alison may not actually be up for it could all be in my wife’s head.

Its easier if I lay out the conversation to begin with.

Julie (my wife) Do you think Alison is still pretty ?

Me: Of course I do

Julie: Alison thinks she’s looks ugly and fat

Me: Not at all, you (Alison) look great

Alison: Thanks

Julie: She wants you to play with her

Me: behave

Julie: No really, you make her horny

Me: Behave

Alison: Is it because I’m fat, is it because of this lump (patting her belly)

Me: Not at all.

Julie: Can she at least watch me play with your cock, its just a bit of fun between friends

Me: Now you need to seriously behave.

Julie drops down beside me and puts her hand on my chest, and says ‘ just for a little while’ and then unbuttons my jeans.

I made a small attempt to stop her but she slapped my hand and carried on any way and in a few seconds my semi hard cock was in her hands. I looked at Alison to see what her reaction was in case this really was all in y wife’s head. But instead of embarrassment Alison’s mouth was open as though she was in deep concentration. She bit her lip and swallowed hard. Julie giggled and Alison followed suit. Julie now started talking in a whisper using her sexy slightly lower than usual husky voice looking at her friend ‘ you’d love to sit on this wouldn’t you’? Alison laughed and nodded ‘ fuck yeah’. My wife looked at me and said ‘I told you’.

She continued slowly tossing me off and told Alison to show me what I was missing. Alison looked at me and then Julie and asked if she was sure, Julie told her she was defiantly sure.

Alison stood up and started to undo her blouse, the two of them laughing. I knew Alison had decent sized breasts but when she opened her blouse I could see them straining to fall out of her bra. My wife cheered, leaned down and sucked my cock for a second before getting back up. She called out to Alison to ‘come on’ but Alison was staring at my wife’s tossing me off and I don’t think she heard a thing. But that didn’t stop her continuing anyway.

Almost in a trance Alison undid her bra and threw it on the floor and her huge, full breasts dropped out. I was hard in an instant, her bright red nipples as big and the end of my thumb were prominent and hard. She stood there cupping her breasts and for the first time seemed shy but Julie, now being assertive told her to take the rest off. Alison looked at me and then at Julie before sliding her skirt and knickers down to reveal a smooth shaved pussy.

This woman was a picture of perfection, Julie kissed me on the cheek and told me to get undressed before she got up and undressed herself. Julie took Alison by the hand and helped her to sit on the floor. I just sat there until Julie started to caress Alison’s breasts then looking at me simply said ‘come on’. I got up and let my jeans fall to the ground before kicking them off, my now hard cock swaying whilst I pulled my top off. Alison’s hands shook, she was taking deep breaths in and was repeating ‘Oh, Oh, Oh’. My wife kissed her neck and asked her if she wanted me to but ‘ that’ into her. Alison just said ‘oh please’ and lay on her back.

I knelt next to them and asked Alison is she was sure, she asked if she could taste is first so I lay my cock on her lips which opened. It slid between Alison’s lips, Julie told me to fuck her mouth so I pulled out and straddled Alison’s head and slid back between her lips and thrust. Alisons tongue was stretched out sliding along my shaft as she moaned. I looked back and saw that she had one hand massaging her pussy and the other her fat full tit.

Julie told me to ‘ fuck those tits’ so I pulled out and moved down, took her breasts in my hands and slid my shaft in between them and had the most amazing titty fuck with Alison’s tongue touching the end of my nob with every thrust. This lasted for a good few minutes but both Alison and my wife were impatient for the main event. Alison had her eyes closed and was cooing, Julie asked her if she wanted me to fuck her pussy now. Alison didn’t say anything and just nodded. My wife pulled me by my arm and simply said ‘ fuck her pussy’.

I was careful not to lay on her tummy when I moved between her legs but I was directed by my wife to lay on my side with one command ‘behind’ . Julie pulled Alison on her side, her breasts falling onto the floor as she did. I eased myself forward and lifted her leg so I could put mine in-between hers and guided my cock to her pussy and in one gentle thrust slid into my wife’s heavily pregnant friend.

I gently thrust as deep as I could whilst my wife lay beside and facing Alison, the two of them massaging each others breasts, Alison giving out little moans as their tongues rolled around each others mouths, tongue exploring tongue before Julie moved down and sucked Alison’s enormous nipple.

My thrusting became a little more urgent but Alison asked me to take my time and my wife said there was no rush so I slowed to a nice gentle rhythm. My warm wet cock sliding as deep as it could whilst my hand took hold of my new friends impressive breast with her nipple between my fingers.

Julie moved up and let Alison suck her much, much smaller tit whilst being fingered. I felt my wifes fingers slid into Alisons pussy and press against my cock. We gently fucked like this for over half an hour, all three of us gently screwing until Alison let out a load ‘ohh’. At first I thought something had happened and that she was going to have this baby but she thrust her bum back every time I rammed my shaft deeper into her pussy. Then she started fucking my wifes mouth with her tongue and Julie happily responded and even though they kissed passionately Alison still managed to call out ‘ now, now, now’ over and over again. The two girls moths detached briefly, just long enough for Alison to look bac at me and tell me she was Cumming. She begged me to cum inside her, I looked at Julie who told me to do it.

By now I was passed the point of no return. I fucked her hard, my stomach slapping against her arse and as I did she yelped and groaned, her tits bouncing. Alison had one of Julies tits in a vice like grip which I could see hurt her, Julie put her hand on Alisons to get her to ease her grip which I think must have worked. By now Alison was shouting at me ‘fucking hard to bastard’ and ‘fucking inside me, cum inside me’ and then she started shaking and then froze, her arms, legs and body frozen in place and she let out a loud cry/ groan/ yelp. My wife was panting and masturbating and having her own private orgasm. My cum poured out of me and into Alison again and again.

In the end I just collapsed on my back, the three of us just laying there but as usual I was still hard. Julie got to her knees and crawled round before sliding down my shaft and riding my wet cock. My wife rode me and I felt her perfect, tiny tits with her button like nipples before we came again with Alison just laying beside us watching.

I fucked Alison one last time but in the missionary position, my arms out stretched until I managed to squirt out the last drop of cum. Alison came again.

It took over half an hour before the three of us could summon the energy to get up, the two of us having to help Alison up.

We had coffee at the kitchen table still naked but too soon our evening was over when her husband called he to ask when she would be home. My wife drove her to her place.

I doubt that one will happen again before she has her baby but who knows after.