Written by Hotassgal81

12 Jan 2012

This is not full of filthy sex situations (although we have plenty of those to tell!) but is absolutely true and recent and probably a bit of a fantasy to a lot of husbands out there so we thought we would share what is going on with us right now.......We are a young married couple who have been swinging for 4 years out of our 5 year relationship. We have had a wide range of fun with MFMF, MMF, MFF, double penetration, squirting,small group orgies and attending the top parties and also hosting our own. I myself am definately no cuckhold but enjoy more being in on all the action and J and I only play as a couple, we understand the turn on of the seperate room stuff but its not for us. Its been a huge amount of fun so far and we will not be stopping for the forseeable future! plus we are not planning on having children. To paint a little picture... J is my wife and she is a real stunner, beautiful, 29, but honestly still looks 25 or 26, 5'8, legs that don't stop, toned all over due to frequent exercise, long black hair, big brown eyes, size 8 waist and after 2 boob jobs a 32 F Cup and they look amazing! She also has a good job full time with first class honors degree from university so she is no airhead. I am 30 and work for myself.

One night we met in town after her work for dinner and drinks and decided after to go to the strip club we had been at a couple of times before as J is bisexual and we like from time to time to go in and get a dance from one of the girls that we both found hot. After talking to one of the girls she said that J was beautiful and when she first seen her thought she was coming in for an audition... this got us thinking and when we got a dance we both admitted afterwards paying particular attention as to what is involved on the dancers part... dancing sultry, peeling off the clothes, a little rub of the pussy and a little lap grinding after which we hand over 20 pounds when our 3 mins are up... when we got home we talked and were both in agreement that given what we choose to do on our naughty weekend adventures a strip dance was nothing!...

So we went back to the club the week after and spoke to the manager, nice guy, not sleazy, he looked at J and said she would be perfect for the place, "give it a go for a weekend and if you dont like it then no worries" he said so we agreed! the week later J was getting ready to work her first night as a stripper. She was understandably a bit nervous but the both of us were getting turned on at her getting ready, putting on the sexy, yet a little slutty make up, the stockings and suspenders, and thinking through her pole routine to the suggestive music... The first night was a bit of a damp squib as J was still "in her shell" and intimidated by the other girls who were all sizing her up a bit. The rules of the club is that all girls pay an 80 pound house fee (4 dances worth) and the rest they get to keep. It is normally dead quiet from 8 - 12 but then busy from 12 - 3/4am.

The first night J had 8 dances which covered her house fee and made her 60 pounds profit and she was a bit dissapointed but she knew she had a lot to learn and pick up tips of the trade to being one of the top girls. Fast forward 4 months and she is now one of the top earners in the club bringing home anything from 700- 1000 on a normal weekend and really enjoying herself. I am welcome into the club anytime i like which i normally do towards the end to take J home and i really get off on sitting there anonymously and seeing all these guys getting pleasure out of my wife taking them away for their private dance. J has recently had her clit pierced which adds a little something to show the guys when she dances, because she is bisexual she, along with only maybe 3 of the other girls are up for doing lesbian dances which always goes down a treat with the customers and i get turned on at the thought of J and one of her now colleagues going down on eachother while they get watched. We go home and always have a great fuck as i reclaim my "hot stripper slut of a wife" and our naughty friends that we play with find it very interesting when we tell them. A big fantasy of mine is J surprises me by saying that she has arranged with one of the girls to come back to ours and have a threesome but im not sure if this will ever happen! We dont know how long J will do this but the money is great and although it is restricting our weekend time with our swinging friends, we are making hay while the sun shines. To combat the lack of playtime, we have started inviting some of the couples we know from our swinging site we are members of to come and stay with us so we all are at the club while J does her thing and then all go back to our place for some late night fucking. We are off to Mexico for the first 2 weeks of march and will no doubt get up to some craziness so if you liked this read i will maybe post some more graphic stories of our adventures when we get back...........