Written by M

9 Aug 2009

My husband sent an account of how he set me up with my now black lover Beb, slut wife and her black lover. Ben is the most stunningly attractive guy I have ever met, the sex is the best I have ever had, Ben is 28 and I am 41 and, though I say so my self in great shape. I was cross when I found out that my husband had set me up with Ben,the first time we met in the pub, but the sex and our relationship is so good, I forgave them both. My husban has become a true cuckold to Ben, and I now spend part of the weekend and at least one to two nights a week with Ben,and every night when my husband is away.

After three weeks of ben fucking me, when I thought that M did not know, Ben told me about the set up and that he would love to fuck me in front of my husband. After a while when I was calmer, I said yes and make him suffer. We agreed that Benwould come round on the Friday evening, and that he would fuck me no nice drinks just sex. I was dressed in Black basque heals and nothing else. When the door bll went M answered and let Ben in, ad when Ben saw me he toild me to take his cock out and suck it until he came, which i did, I then led him up stairs to the bedroom, I stripped Ben and you tell tell the impressd look on my husband face, he was told to sit on the chair by Ben and that he could wank if he wished, but I was Ben's tonight. He went down on me and gave me the same fantastic oral sex he alsways did deep tongue, in my fanny and arse pinching my nipples as he did so,the he stood and entered me with that massive 12" cock, and started to pump away like an animla, making me scream, and made me shout that his was the best ock ever, never had anyone fucked me as well and that white menwere wankers, black sex is best. He was calling me bitch and slut and white trash as he fuck my brains out. after he came he stayed hard and lifted my legs over his shoulders and entered my asre before cuming again, I was then told to lick his cock clean and then with my mouth full go and kiss my husaban which i did, M was not happy with this but Ben insisted. I then put on a show with some toy an later was turned over and doggied in both holes by en, we fucked for about three hours, and ben thensaid to M that he was having me the rest of the night and M could piss off, and bring breakfast in the morning. Ben and I carried on fucking for a while and then again in the morning just as breakfast turned up.

We all chatted later in the garden, and ben said that I was now his bitch and lover and the husband could have me when Ben was not around, for the moment. He took me shopping that Saturday, and bought me a necklace with the word slut on it, and had the top of my fanny tattooed with the words black mans slut, by a mate of his.

I am having such wonderful sex with ben, I could never go back to only white black is so much better. Any other wives having the same experience?