Written by Arthur

13 Sep 2019

This is a true story about the first time my wife, Helen, met and fucked a work colleague. She is tall with blonde hair and big boobs and at the time was working in an office with several other girls/women.

A regular caller into the office was a guy called Phil who worked for another company but did some business where Helen worked.

Every time he called in, he made a point of having a word with Helen and it was apparent he really fancied her. Helen would tell me that this guy was always chatting to her and had asked her for a drink a couple of times.

Helen had had sex with other guys with my approval so I didn't discourage her to meet Phil.

At last the night was set and they arranged to meet in a pub inside a large park. Helen was wearing a low cut tight top and a short skirt and looked very tasty. She drove to the meeting in her own car and met Phil inside the bar.

This is the story she later told me. Phil got her a drink and they sat down to chat. Helen said he couldn't keep his eyes of her ttis and was soon sitting next to her touching her legs under the table. After about an hour of very flirty talk from both sides, Helen suggested they went and sat in her car which was parked in a dark corner in the car park.

No sooner had they got in then they began to kiss very passionately and Phil soon had a hand up Helen's top and under her bra, squeezing her breasts. Helen began to rub Phil's cock over his trousers and she said he was very hard. This went on for a while with Phil putting his hand up her skirt and rubbing her pussy as well.

Helen said she then got Phil's cock out and was presently surprised at it's size, not the largest she had ever had but by no means the smallest. She then lent over and started sucking it, slowly at first but then faster. Helen loves sucking cock and is very good at it. Phil sat back in his seat and enjoyed the sensation of having his cock sucked by Helen and kept muttering "Oh God yes, don't stop" Helen said she could feel his cock starting to throb and knew he was near coming and Phil told her he was going to come, but Helen didn't stop and Phil cried out and came in spurts into Helen's mouth and throat.

After he had cum, Helen sat up and pulled off her top and bra and Phil started to feel and suck her tits and nipples, this makes Helen very randy and what with her nipples being sucked and her pussy being rubbed she soon had a an orgasm.

They both sat back and got their breaths back and talked about what they had just done to each other.

Phil said he had wanted to see and touch Helen's tits for months and couldn't believe he was actually doing it. Helen meanwhile had taken hold of Phil's cock and was slowly rubbing it until it was hard again. "We're not finished yet" said Helen and she slipped her knickers off and climbed on top of Phil's knees Phil said he hadn't got any condoms but Helen told him he didn't need any and saying that she lifter herself up and sat down on Phil's cock. She began to ride him and he pushed up so he was deep inside of her. Helen said she rode him for some time, having a couple of orgasms until eventually, Phil warned her that the was about to come again. Helen rode him even faster and harder until he could take no more and thrusting up he came deep inside her pussy.

After this they both sat and snogged a bit more before sorting themselves out and both left to go home.

Helen told me what she had been up to when she got in at about midnight and said she wanted to meet and fuck Phil again, which I said was OK.

After that, Helen met Phil a few more times for sex, once going to his office on a Saturday when there was no one else there and he fucked her over his desk.

Phil eventually moved away and that was the end of that but Helen still mentions him now and then