Written by James M

28 Feb 2014

My wife and I have been together for 20 years, she keeps trim and fit by visiting the gym and she still looks like someone 20 years her junior. Our sex life has waned some over the past several years but she always seems to become more aroused if we talk about her sexual exploitations from her younger single days, particularly those with her ex-boyfriend who she had told me was very well endowed.

About 18 months ago she was able to make contact with him again via social media, I didn’t mind and they corresponded from time to time. She mentioned to me that during a text exchange it had been mentioned that they should catch up with the group of friends from her past days. I said why not, it would be a good distraction from the daily grind and give her something to look forward to. After dinner the next day she talked about it again as we enjoyed a bottle of wine and soon the conversation was about the “what ifs”. She then told me that when they broke up over 20 years earlier they made a pact that if they ever ran into each other in the distant future they would “have one for old time’s sake” I laughed I off and said we all had said that with our old flames from our past. Never the less she still became extremely aroused and we had one of our best sessions in bed that we had had in years. She fantasised about going down on him and as she talked about it. I could tell that she was really getting off on the thought, but then said, what you would do if something did happen. I straggly become as hard as a 20 year old and said if that is what you would love to do go for it, if tonight is anything to go by it may be just what we need to spice up our lives.

A few weeks went by and we fantasised about what she had talked about every time we were in bed and making out. Then, one evening she told me arrangements had been made to catch up for a reunion dinner and drinks with the group she used to go out with all those years ago. I really guessed that it would only eventuate to just dinner and a few innocent drinks. As the days went by we would fantasise about her going down on her ex-boyfriend on the nigt then later sharing the experience with me in bed. Then one night she surprised me by saying if she did find herself in a situation where she went down on him she wouldn’t really be able to stop at just that, I simply replied by saying I guessed not. We were later in the midst of going down on each other in bed when she asked me “if I came home and said I had just been fucked” would you go down on me. I thought for a moment and said no.. She seemed disappointed but we continued with our love making session. As I was going down on her she again said would you go down on me if he fucked me? I said why, would you enjoy it. She moaned out loud and said “If I fucked him for you, you should go down on me. I said if you really wanted me to I would, she began to orgasm and said “you have no idea how much I love it when you go down on me”

A few days later and the night had arrived for her get together. She was dressed so incredibly sexy I wanted to take her right there and then. The cab arrived and she was soon off to the restaurant to meet up with her old friends. I spent the evening watching TV and enjoying a few Scotches but couldn’t get over the anxiety of what may, or may not be happening with my pretty wife. It was very late when she arrived back home and she was initially very quiet, and a bit drunk, but soon warmed to my kisses and words of encouragement. As we kissed in the kitchen I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh until I reached her panties, my initial thought was, shit, there sopping wet. She said are you sure you want to know what happened, I said god yes. We went upstairs and she shared the details of how they ended up back in the hotel room he was staying in for the reunion, how they made out and ended up on the bed with her skirt up over her hips. How she got up the courage to kiss his shaft then slip her mouth down over his cock and then fully go down on him.

She then whimpered and said “he fucked me” I thought my balls were about to explode and all I wanted to do was have her go down on me and fuck me like she did with him. But instead she asked me to go down on her, I hesitated but she was so insistent I moved my mouth down towards her pussy. Luckily there didn’t seem to be any residues from her previous fuck and I assumed they were all sopped up by her panties. As I kissed and ran my tongue over her clit she almost screamed in pleasure. She grabbed my head and pushed it down lower, she moaned out loud and said “lick me clean” I reluctantly slipped my tongue down into her pussy and she moaned out in pleasure like I have never heard before. She again grabbed my head and pulled me into her pussy and said in a filthy voice “OH FUCK, lick me clean, fucking lick me clean” I pushed my tongue up into her fanny as far as I could and she cried out in the most intense orgasm I had ever known her to experience. I looked up at her as she lay back on the bed, legs still wide apart. She had the most satisfied and relaxed look on her face that I had ever seen. I moved up on top of her and began to fuck her, she threw her head back and I heard her whisper “oh god yes”. Fuck me, I need another fuck.

As we lay back in bed bathing in the afterglow I thought, if this is what it’s like when your pretty little wife has a clean, open and honest “fuck on the side” then why did we wait 20 years to experience it. Then maybe you have to be together 20 years to be mature enough to handle it.