Written by Steve

29 Dec 2013

A lot of this is my own fault. To start with I've been pretty selfish in as much as I've never liked licking women out and so I just don't. To begin with my wife accepted this but fair enough she eventually stopped sucking me off in protest. A pity because she's a talented little cock sucker but as I say, my own fault. The other thing is me saying stupid things when I'm drunk. I didn't really remember betting my mate Colin couldn't get off with Jane until he asked if I wanted to see the evidence on his phone. He's taking the piss I thought especially as he as giggling as he searched his phone. To start with it was quite blurred and the petite redhead in Colin's bedroom could just have been someone who looked a bit like Jane. Then I heard her brummy accent and distinctive laugh. She still had her top on but was stripped from below the waist, her arse and ankle tattoos visible just for confirmation it was her. Colin, fully dressed moved between her legs and began noisily kissing her trimmed cunt. Now the laughter and talking stopped as Jane lay back in a comfortable position to enjoy what I wouldn't give her. Her cute little size 4 feet rested on his shoulders as he upped his pace and she made contented little sighs stroking and pulling his hair. She obviously didn't know she was being filmed and Colin gave a secret thumbs up to the camera as she moaned more loudly. Colin's arm moved and he proudly informed that at this point he'd stuck his dirty finger inside my wife. This really got her going and she straightened her legs her toes outstretched and cupped Colin's head pulling him harder against her. "Fucking eat me" she ordered and Colin went for his life as my gasping woman came on his face. As her orgasm subsided Colin asked if he could just see her tits. She smiled her beautiful smile and lifted her top reaching around to unclip her bra. He sat up and rubbed his cock looking at her 34fs. He told me he cum in his pants doing this. I was angry but hard. I felt angry with them but also myself. I left Colin's intending to confront Jane but also scared of losing her....