Written by beach lover

4 Mar 2011

i know this is a bit long whichis why i,ve split it in 2 parts but it is very true . Like many men after a few years of marriage I had a desire to watch my wife with another man. I discussed this with her a few times and although she liked the idea when we were fucking afterwards she always said it was a fantasy and would never happen. I eventually gave up even suggesting it because sometimes she would get quite nasty about it saying I was just a pervert and sick in the head but the idea of doing it was a favourite fantasy for me whenever I was jacking off. Anyway we were on the beach one day and although this particular beach was not nudist it was not well used and we used to get back in the dunes and strip off. Occasionally we would see others there, mostly men but sometimes couples but for the main part we had the beach to ourselves and used to like to play around a bit. It was mostly just a bit of touching sometimes she would give me a handjob and very occasionally a blowjob or a fuck. She has always been a very sexy woman and liked to fuck but I,ve always been I once a day type of guy and if we fucked on the beach she knew she wouldn,t be likely to get any cock before bed. This day though she was feeling horny and kept kissing me and fondling my cock. I knew there was a very good chance I would get to fuck her before we left the beach. It was around 3.00pm and I was thinking it might be time to give her what she wanted. She was stretched out on her back eyes closed and I was rubbing her cunt getting her juiced up when a guy came strolling across the dunes. He saw us and stopped dead. We had both seen him as well and I pulled my hand away from her cunt. “ohh”my wife said as if to say why did I stop even though she knew why. After a few seconds the guy approached us and asked if we would mind him sitting with us. I did mind as I was about to give my wife a good rogering but said it was o.k. if he joined us. Now this guy didn,t have the biggest cock in the world but it was big, around 8 inches compared to my 5 inches and I soon realised my wife thought it was good. Everytime he was looking elsewhere, which wasn,t often because he was definitely spending a lot of his time eyeing off my wife, she would look at me and mouth the word “wow” or something about how big it was. He had been with us half an hour or so when she very casually dropped her hand in my lap and gently caressed my cock. Of course I got an instant erection and so did our new friend Gary. There was no hiding either of our erections and to be honest neither of us tried. I,m sure he knew my wife was impressed with his big stalk and he was not about to hide it from her. I began to think maybe she was horny enough to go further I was sure Gary was but I was worried my wife was going to decide it was time to leave. We were supposed to go on and visit friends after the beach and we had a bottle of wine in a cooler in the car and I suggested I should go get it and we could have a drink and to my surprise and delight my wife agreed. It was a 10 minute walk to the car and I hurried off to get the wine. I returned to our spot across the dunes so I wouldn,t be seen approaching. I was hoping to catch them playing around but doubted that I would. To my surprise I found her laying on her back with Gary sitting beside her feeling her cunt. I nearly shot my load in my shorts at the sight. I kept hidden and watched for awhile before crossing the dune and letting them see me. He immediately removed his hand but they both knew they had been sprung. My cock was fully erect as I approached and so was his. I said nothing just sat down and poured us all a drink in paper cups and as we sat sipping the wine my wife once again put her hand on my cock this time though making the move quite deliberately and tracing her finger along the outline of my throbbing tool. She looked me in the eye and grinned then reached up the leg of my shorts and grasped my cock. I couldn,t believe it was happening and didn,t know what to say. She hooked her hand round my neck pulling me closer and kissing me her hand still wrapped round my shaft her tongue down my throat.i don’t think I,ld ever seen her as horny as she was. She had rolled onto her back again as we kissed and I was laying across the top part of her body. I was sure by the way her body was moving that Gary was feeling her cunt again as we kissed. She was humping his hand loving the attention. When finally she let me up for air Gary had moved much closer his hand still resting on her leg close to her cunt but not touching. She gulped down what was left of her wine and handed me her cup for a topup. Her legs were well spread and her cunt wet with her juice and as I handed her the wine I slipped my hand between her legs for a feel. As I slid a finger in her cunt Gary began rubbing her tits. All of a sudden she started to cum, like a real screaming orgasm better than I had ever seen. When she came down again she was embarrassed and said we should go. It was getting late anyway and wasn,t far off dark. She put on a t shirt and nothing else and we walked off the beach with her bare ass showing not that there was anyone around to see. We said goodbye to Gary at the car and promised to return the following weekend