Written by Hubby B

6 Apr 2017

We were out having a good evening meal, and the wife and I met two guys in the bar. They were sat opposite our table and Pam kept giving them a flash of stocking top. I went to the bar to order some more drinks, and one of the guys was also at the bar. We got talking and I invited them to join us, "ok" he said would love too. Pam was really keen and I can always tell when she is getting randy, and whispered in my ear , do you want them to shag me. If you want I said, well she started flashing more than her stocking tops. We all decided to drink up and go to a car park we knew where we had taken guys to before. Pam and the two guys got in the back and I was told to drive. As soon as I had set off, the guys had Pam's blouse undone showing her large tits in her black lacy balcony bra. She had their zips down and cocks out in a flash and tugging on them with a gusto, her tits were being sucked and stroked by both. Suddenly she gave a gasp as one went for her juicy running pussy, what a lovely bush and clit he said. Next her skirt was off showing her black suspenders and black stockings, but no panties, and they started fingering her. Pam then started going down on them both and I could hear all the slurping and moaning going on, I was getting quite excited.

I then drove into the car park, and parked right in the corner out of the way. Pam asked the big guy with about 10" to screw her, but I must guide it in for her, what about a durex I said no thanks I want this one bareback. Well he screwed her for ages before planting a massive amount of seed up her. Then the other guys turn push him in for me, and he fucked her whilst the other was pulling on her tits again. When we finished we dropped the guys back to the pub and restaurant, and took our leave, I could smell cum all the way home and could not wait to get her in bed. I shot the biggest load of my life and mixed all the cum up inside her. Cannot wait for next excursion.