1 Oct 2019

On a weekend staying in Newcastle my wife had been chatted up in a bar by Mike who was in town with a stag party. He had taken her back to his hotel and fucked her. His mate Neil had arrived back and they both fucked her hard sending her back to me full of strangers spunk.

On the Saturday the lads were on an Off Road experience but around 5pm Mike rang to say they were back and did we want to come across to their hotel for a drink.

My wife was very keen and put on an outfit she had already selected for the occasion. A lacy black bra with a sheer black blouse you could see her bra through a black suspender belt with sheer black stockings and a matching lacy G String. She choose a mid length black pencil skirt with a slit up the side that barely hid her stocking tops.

We made our way across to their hotel and met Mike in the bar where he was sitting with a few other stag party members. We had a couple of drinks and more of the party arrived until there was about a dozen of them.

It was obvious that they all knew that Mike and Neil had fucked F and there was a lot of banter and joking about it which I found incredibly arousing. F was playing along and flirting outrageously with all of them. She leaned across and whispered in my ear “can I fuck all of them’. I was a bit shocked but also rock hard so whispered back “of course Babes”.

I suspect that she had agreed this with Mike anyway because without much in the way of organising Mike said do you want to see Chris’s suite? Chris was the groom and had been given a suite in the top floor. F said of course and we all crammed into the lifts and set off. F was getting groped and the lads were getting quite crude with her making comments like” I hear you like a bit of younger cock”. She replied “what woman wouldn’t”.

When we got to the suite Mike grabbed F and started snogging her to cheers from his mates. He then eased up her skirt to show off her stockings again to cheers and shouts of “fuck her” and “go on give her one”. Next thing I knew she was on her knees in her underwear with Mikes considerable cock between bright red lips. His mates were videoing taking pictures on their phones and shouting obscenities.

Some of the lads were obviously keen to join in so I said “go on then lads”. Mike was fucking her missionary but there were at least three or four of them now with hands on her tits and legs holding them apart for Mike.

Then an Asian lad with a 6” cock offered it to F to suck she opened her mouth and he shoved it in. Within 2 minutes she had his spunk running out the side of her mouth so I went over licked it off her cheek and had a great snowball snog.

The lads were wild by now and at least 6 or 7 of them fucked her some of them more than once. I was kept really busy kissing her spunky mouth and licking her spunky cunt clean for them.

There were loads of photos and videos taken as well and I have since seen some on Xhamster and Tumblr.

After about two hours of this the lads broke off and after showers all round it was then out for drinks. During the night though she popped out of at least 2 bars to give blow jobs to some of the lads outside.

Later on Mike came over to ask if she would fuck the grooms Grandad who was in his 70’s and apparently hadn’t had a shag for over 10 years. Well she was up for that as well and went off with him back to the hotel while I continued drinking with the boys.

She turned up 6.30am on the Sunday morning again full of spunk and this time covered in love bites as well. Seems the old boy had obviously been saving up 10 years of horn!

Since then she has met and fucked some of the lads but she is really keen to go on their weekend to Prague next year. Do you think I should let her?

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