Written by cuckkybald guy

6 Aug 2009

I'm not much of a story teller, but I feel I should tellyou how i convinced my once plain wife to play away.ut she

Like Most guys (most won't admit it) I have fantasies about wife screwing other guys. I have always made my wife 'C' aware of my fantasy, but as with most women she dismissed this. Anyway back in about 2004 i eventually convinced her i really wanted her to fuck other guys. (kept on at her till i convinced her).

I had no idea that some one at the bank was already hitting on her, anyway she was out with the girls from the bank, and he was out as well, they chatted and he plied her with a few drinks, She agreed to go back to his for a drink.... I remember she said when i asked her if there was any time she felt guilty about her infidelity. she told me a split second before he put his cock into her pussy, she thought should i do this, then toolate it was in and she was having fun... since this she has had severla guys, now she is seeing someone who in my opinion is fucking huge, he must have a big cock too as her pussy has been stretched massivley.. she has been seeing this guy for 2years now, spends every weekend with him. She loves him and wants his cock all the time.... So just remember if you want this lifestyle just think what you are allowing your wife to do.. I am very happy with the current situation, but would you be?