Written by Dare

13 Aug 2017

So there was my wife, showing off her mound to our friend. Was such a horn sight. I made sure that they heard me returning and when I got back it was as before, except Dave had a big grin on his face and karen was now sat so that he could see up the bottom of her t-shirt.

A little while later we all went to bed, sadly our separate ones. Before going up Karen tidied around, bending over so that her arse was seen by us. She has what I think of as a very cute arse, one of her best features. Karen was obviously horny but I wanted to keep her that way to increase the chances of her getting seduced. So I made my excuses that I was too tired for sex. But I did mention to her if she had noticed how excited Dave had been, which she replied that she couldn't miss it. I also mentioned that he was looking up her t-shirt and could see her knickers, which she giggled at and just said that he couldn't see much and it's no harm done.

The next morning I got up first, as I had work, although I was only working nearby, arranged so I could pop back quickly (and discreetly) if needed to. I was dressed before Karen stirred, and as I placed her cup of tea down on the side, I kissed her, told her I loved her, asking if she had any plans today, to which she replied just housework and shopping.

At work I just couldn't concentrate. I made some didn't hear much from either of them during the morning, which got my head thinking, wondering if maybe they were busy fucking each others brains out. So lunchtime I decided to pop back home. I noticed Dave's car was outside and as luck would have it I had to park further down the road. I walked back home, quietly letting myself in. At first I thought it was too quiet, either they were out or maybe, possibly, could they be in bed?

I crept about, someone was in. I heard movement upstairs. I slowly crept up the stairs. Karen was in our room, was she alone? I saw that the shower had recently been used.

Oh your home, Karen said, shocking me into life. She said she just got back from shopping and was just putting some new clothes away. She was putting some new underwear away, which I asked to see, but she just said that she'd show me later.

Where's Dave? Oh just got up I think. I just made him a cuppa, if you want to nip and bring it up for him. So I popped down, got his cuppa but as I was going back up I had a thought. He has just come out of the shower, maybe he isn't dressed yet, maybe..

As I got to the top step I passed karen the mug saying I had spilt tea on the worktops so if she could hand Dave his tea I'll go and clean it up. I turned and started down the stairs but stopped halfway down out of sight. I heard karen knock and Dave telling her to come in. I heard karen giggling, then Dave saying ‘thanks, whilst you are here you going to help me dry’. I crept up and could see karen in the doorway, mug still in hand but Sat on the bed was Dave. Totally naked, smiling. He saw me watching then stood up, so karen could see him fully.

He took hold of his cock and started to stroke its length. Stop it she said , we'll get caught.

I decided I had better make myself scarce or at least pretend to, so I crept down and then shouted up that I am off to work, see you later. And I couldn't help adding ‘behave yourselves and have fun’. I let myself out, walked to my car, where already I had received a message from Dave saying, karen wants to watch me.

I decided that this was something I didn't want to pass on so made my way home. Luckily the back door was left unlocked so I crept in. Hearing muffled talking from upstairs I silently went up, at the top I laid down so I could peer around the banister giving me a view into the spare room.

Dave had now laid on the bed, totally naked, his hard cock proud against his stomach. Karen was still stood there although closer. He saw me and winked.

He beckoned karen to him. Seeming to hesitate at first she moved forward. Take your dress off Dave commanded, rather domineering I remember thinking. My own cock was rock hard. Will this be the moment I had been dreaming of?.

No I can't she replied.

Take it odd, you know it's what you want, he says.

You mean it's what You want, she says.

Yes it is, I want to see your beautiful body, let you see how you may be want you, Dave said.

Then I saw Karen's hands go around the back of the dress, unzipping it. Then slowly I watched as my wife let the dress fall to the floor. Stepping out of it she stands before him in her bra and knickers. Dave moved up ran his hands over her breasts then slid his hands behind her back, unclipped her bra as removed it, freeing her gorgeous 38e breasts. Taking her hand he placed it on his shaft. His hands then went to pull off her knickers but karen stopped him.

No, not now, not here, she said.

Dave not wanting to blow it pulled her onto the bed next to him. Karen's hand was still wrapped around his cock, gently pulling the foreskin back and forth. Dave lowered his head and kissed her breasts. Teasing her nipples with his lips and tongue. A hand went down her back cupping her arse, pulling her close. Karen let out a sigh as his lips sucked in her nipple.moving his hand across her thigh and onto her mound, covered in the thin material. Slowly, deliberately, his hand massaged her pubic area, her eyes closed, moaning softly, her hands tugging at his cock. Then I watched as his hand pulled her gusset aside, exposing her hairy pussy, sliding a finger along her lips, her bucking to his touch. Then without warning he pushed his finger into her wetness. Slipping in easily. Here at last was my wife, the woman who has only had one lover, having another man finger fuck her. And boy was he now finger fucking her. In deep, then another. Karen moved, rubbing his cock against her breasts. Smearing his precum over them.

I knew it wasn't going to be long till karen would cum, her breathing fast, moaning, hips shaking. As Dave touched her clit karen started to climax. Her hand had stopped wanking Dave's cock as her body shook with her orgasam. When her cum had eased she shifted around, knowing that she would be tender now as she is after an orgasam, being touched is unbearable, so shifted, began wanking Dave's cock again. Cupping his heavy balls. Dave said something inaudible to me and then I was surprised, I watched as karen lowered her head down over the hard cock, watch as her mouth engulfed my friends shafts. Greedily she sucked him in. At same time she squeezed his balls while her other hand wanked the shaft.

I was totally mesmerised watching my sweet wife blowing another man. The woman who usually don't like giving oral. But her she was desperately sucking this cock, eager to please. I wanted her to take this man's spunk, swallow it, savour it.. I so desperately wanted her to take another man's cock in her pussy.. No.. Her cunt! I want her to fuck another man, watch him make her cum, watch her cum with another cock buried deep in her. Want her to receive another man's spunk. If that man is virile and potent I didn't care. In fact at that precise point I wanted my wife knocked up by another man!

Karen had removed daves cock from her mouth and was smearing the tip across her lips as she continued to wank him and caress his balls. Every now and then she would suck on the head. Dave obviously couldn't take much more and he exclaimed that he was going to cum. I leaned forward not wanting to miss anything, but as usual karen didn't want cum in her mouth and just as her lips left his cock Dave sent a stream of spunk loose, pointing his cock towards her breasts she let his spunk splatter over her huge breasts. At that time she looked like a slut, wanking his cock dry. But a surprise was to come.. Pardon the pun. Just as I thought and obviously karen thought too that the last of daves spunk had been spent he let out a couple more spurts. Catching karen off guard the stream of spunk hit her neck and face. Very quickly his cock wilted, karen needed to clean up as she isn't too keen on the post sex mess. As she picked up her bra and started wiping herself with it I took it as my cue to go, so quietly I descended the stairs. I heard karen go into the bathroom to wash.

So off I went back to work. Smiling but nervous. Had that been going too far? Had dave blown it by cumming on her face? But more so I was nervous that he would fuck my wife whilst I wasn't there, that I wouldn't see him using her.

Back at work I could hardly concentrate. It seemed like ages before my phone pinged. It was Dave saying ‘enjoyed it? Cos boy did I? ‘

‘yes I did’ I messaged back, then ‘did it continue ‘.

Dave said that Karen had gone out, shop I think, she hardly said a word. Think she is maybe a bit embarrassed or feeling guilty.

When I got in from work things seemed fairly normal. Dinner was cooking, a cup of tea was waiting for me and Dave was watching telly whilst karen was busy sorting out the washing.

I popped up for a shower, but not before checking in on Dave, he assured me that nothing else happened, that Karen seemed a bit quiet.

When I got out the shower karen was in the bedroom putting the washing away. I came up behind her and asked if she was. She assured me she was, just been a funny old day. You needn't tell me I thought, I saw.

As I was drying myself off karen picked up the bag from her shopping earlier. She opened it and pulled out some new underwear.

You like these, she asked. Holding up what was a tiny thong, delicately lacy. I said I did but as they aren't the type she usually wears they'll not cover much. Knowing how hairy she was down there I said that she'd might have to have a trim which made her giggle.

By now I was rock hard, karen seeing my state came over wrapping her hand around my shaft. Looks like you do like them she said. Then she pushed me down on the bed, leaned over and started kissing me. She kissed my neck, belly then with surprise her mouth slid over my cock. Taking me all. She slowly sucked my swollen cock not stopping when I exploded, swallowing my spunk.

After dinner myself and Dave Sat in the lounge watching telly whilst karen had a shower. We chatted about the events this morning, how exciting it was for me to watch. Dave said how he had enjoyed been wanted and sucked by karen.

After about an hour I began to wonder where karen was as she seemed to be taking so long for a shower. So I popped upstairs to check on her. Walking into the bedroom karen was Sat at the dressing table applying her make-up, which seemed weird being she just had a shower. She was dressed in her dressing gown. After finishing her make-up she looked in the mirror at me and asked if she looked OK. Looked OK? She always does.

I was stood behind her and she pulled open her robe, underneath she wore a really thin nightie, almost completely see-through. Her bare breasts clearly visible. She then stood and pulled the hem of her nightie up, thrusting out her arse. She wore the thong she had shown me earlier, the thin back strap cradled in between her cheeks. I moved close and ran my hand over those soft cheeks. Then she turned to face me, pushing me slightly back to allow me to view her body. As my eyes lowered my mouth dropped open. The thong just covered her pussy lips but more than that, it was see through and karen had shaven her mound smooth. No wonder she had taken so long. But I later found out that she had had it done professionally so that explained where she had gone that afternoon, had to adore her cos having a full wax must have hurt.

I went to touch her there but she said steady boy, you can wait till later for that and giggled.

Karen said I had better get back down or Dave might wonder what we are doing. I made a comment about he may be peeking at us without us knowing, which she replied ‘easy tiger’

After a few minutes karen joined us in the lounge. Oh I wish she wasn't wearing her robe. Her nightie left nothing to the imagination so anyone would be able to see her body in it.

As it was midweek and as we all know there's never anything decent on UK telly.

Karen got the laptop out saying she needed to look for something online so me and Dave got a pack of cards out and started playing rummy. I suggested that we Sat on the floor, saying it'd be easier, but to be honest I knew that we would be able to view up Karen's nightie from there.

After about the second game karen asked me what I thought of something. She showed me the underwear she was looking at on this shopping site, really lovely I said.

Suit me she asked

Yes, ask Dave what he thinks.

So she swivelled round the laptop to show him, as she did her legs opened allowing her nightie to raise up.

I winked at Dave, as he stared at her legs then onto her thigh.

Yes, they suit you, Dave said, lovely colour.

Not too revealing asked karen.

Dave smiled before saying that they cover more than what she was wearing now.

Karen blushed gave me a glance then added, I don't know what you mean and giggled. Followed by ‘back to your cards boys’.

We played a couple more games then karen shutdown the laptop and said to deal her in, slipping down to the floor.

Her nightie and robe fluffed up as she shuffled her bum to get comfy.

Me and Dave could hardly contain ourselves, our cocks straining against the convinces of our loose fitting shorts.

I had never seen karen so blatantly flirtatious in front of someone else before. But boy it turned me on.

After a few games me and Dave was getting a little bored playing rummy, and to be honest, I was wondering if we could notch it up a rung.

But karen said she wanted to play still. Dave said that it was getting boring but karen was keen to keep playing. Dave quipped that maybe we could alter the rules. Funny but what made us know what was coming next.

And what would that be asked karen, already guessing the answer.

Dave laughed and suggested strip rummy. Really? That's different replies karen.

Karen said she needed to pee so popped to the loo. I went to get us all another drink and when karen came back I pulled her to aside and asked if she was serious. She explained that maybe, just a couple of games to tease us. I remember thinking that it would only be a couple of games cos none of us had many clothes on, she just her robe, nightie and thong. Me and Dave even less, just shorts and t-shirts. But maybe it hadn't dawned on her how sparsely dressed we were or possibly she expected it all to end before any of us got naked. Or more than likely that it wouldn't happen.

As we rejoined Dave he started dealing the cards.

How are we going to play?

Winner of each game removes a garment Dave suggested.

Karen looked at me, feeling she was going to bottle it. But she said that the whole game would be over within a few games. Which confirmed to be that she must have realised just how little clothes we all had on (or rather didn't have on). Then she said how about each time someone scores 50 or a multiple of 50 they had to remove an item. This we agreed to, mind you I was happy to agree to anything as this is the first time I had ever been so close to fulfilling my fantasy. My cock really was ruling my head now. But I have to admit that I was nervous about maybe having to go naked in front of another man. Not my boat so to speak but like I said my cock was ruling my head.

So game started. I had forgotten how good karen was at this game. After the second game both me a Dave was almost at 50. If she won again it's likely that we would both be the first to take an item off.

But as luck would have it I won the next game, very quickly too. Dave counted his hand, which too him over the 50. Karen laid her hand out on the carpet, I was amazed. Her hand was mostly 10s and royals. 68 which took her from zero to over the magical number in one swoop.

Dave quickly removed his t-shirt. OK, will karen go ahead?

Your turn said Dave.

Expecting karen to put an end to the game I was again surprised when she stood up and slowly undid the tie on her robe. Turning around so she faced away from us so let the robe fall. We were now staring at her, your firm arse clearly on show, the thin strip of the back of the thong in her cheeks. The hem of her nightie coming halfway down her buttocks. But it was when she turned around that I truly was mesmerised. Her naked breasts could be clearly seen, could see the veins running through her globes. Could see her stomach. The thin tiny gusset barely covered her pussy, but that was so thin that you could make out her pussy, her thick meaty lips swollen, the gusset tight in between the lips. She looked so fuckable and I loved her for it.

Karen went to get us all another drink, we watched her as we saw every inch of her body movements under the nightie.

When she got back she plonked herself down, picking up her cards she spread her legs and held her hand close. This really distracted me and Dave. Our mind was on what we could see, the thong had disappeared into her folds, her lips were swollen and open. I could just make out her clit visible from its unfurled hood.

Obviously karen won that hand. Off came my t-shirt but it also meant Dave was over 100.

Your turn said karen laughing and poking her tongue out.

Dave stood up and deftly pulled his shorts down, standing with his hands on his hips, cock hard and proud sticking out menacingly before pushing them aside.

Now what happens if Dave gets to 150? I didn't want to ask in case it put a stop to proceedings.

Cards dealt.

Again I won. I couldn't believe that Karen had lost again. She was always the much better player whenever we played cards.

Karen stood up. Game over boys? She said.

No shouted Dave, chicken he concluded.

Just teasing karen whispered.

Grabbing the hem of her nightie she started to slowly raise it up. When it hot to her waist she stopped.

‘as you are losing Dave come closer ‘she said.

Dave shuffled closer. Letting go of her hem with one hand she placed it on Dave hand. Then looking at me she placed his hands on her waist then pushed downwards so his hand caught her thong which started to roll it down. Letting go of the hem completely she placed her hands over Dave then slowly she helped him pull down the thong. Dave had to tug to remove it from her moist.. no.. wet folds. OMG I was almost at the verge of Cumming.

Right next game karen blurted out.

I couldn't believe it, I won again!

But Dave score now reached 167, what now.

Karen said she had been wondering what happens next too so had come up with a plan.

We were all silent.

Karen leaned back against the chair, lifted her nightie up to expose her breasts. Is this really what happens to the loser? But karen soon quipped up ‘losers forfeit ‘.

Both me and Dave looked confused. But all appeared clear when karen took his hand and placed it on her breast. As Dave fondled one then the other karen moaned. Dave sucked a nipple into his mouth. I watched as Karen's legs opened wider. Her pussy open, engorged, glistening with her juice.

Karen looked across at me and all I could do with smile.

My heart fluttering, cock straining, my hand stroked my cock on the outside of my shorts.

Next I watched as Dave let a hand fall to her stomach. He stroked and caressed it until Karen's hand guided it to her moisture ridden pussy. I saw Dave push a finger into her gash, Karen's eyes closed now. Dave thumb flicked over her clit which made karen shake.

Game forgotten now.

I watched as Dave finger fucked my wife. As I thought she would cum he eased off. I watched as he moved his head down and between her open legs.

Dave then gave karen the licking of a lifetime. Watching as she held his head there. As his tongue picked, his lips and teeth nippled, as she shook, grinded, moaned and writhed to his performance.

Dave moved over my wife. Bloody hell it's going to happen. It's now or never.

I watched as Dave positioned the tip of his cock to the entrance to my wife's love hole. I watched as another man was going to penetrate my wife for the first time. Was going to fill her with his hard cock. Fill her, make love to her, FUCK her.

I moved to get a better view, Karen's eyes opened and she whispered ‘I love you ‘and I said teary eyed that I loved her too and smiled.

Then Dave took over. He pushed and I saw the tip of his cock disappear into my wife. Slowly he fed it into her. He kept pushing until he was fully embedded. Then he slowly started to fuck her. Karen pulled him to her. Her legs as wide as they could go. I watched as Daves balls slapped against my wife's arse, heard the squelchy noise that his shafting made, the sighs and moans. Watched as he changed the position of his strokes. Then karen spoke.

Not inside me, don't cum inside.

Then karen burst, her voice almost growling as she started to cum.

Dave quickened his pace. I remember what karen had said but hope that he would fill her up.

It was clear that Dave was about to cum. He was pounding karen hard and fast now.

Don't please don't she managed to say then Dave gave a grunt, just as Karen's hand pulled his cock, glistening with her secretions, put. With what seemed like a roar Dave started to ejaculate strands of sound over her belly and pussy. Sudden pains of jealousy washed over me as my friend splattered my wife with his sperm.

He collapsed onto karen and they were still for several minutes before he got up, looking at my wife covered in his spent cum.

That was great Dave said.

Karen smiled then got up and said she off for a shower and bed.

When I joined her she was quiet. We snuggled into me. Whispered that she loved me.

Are you okay I asked.

Are you she replied.

Yes I answered although part of me felt jealous but more guilty for allowing, no, setting up the seduction.

Karen said we need to talk. So she went on to explain that she loved me. That she had seen on my phone the messages between me and Dave.

Are you angry I asked.

She explained that she wasn't but disappointed that I didn't talk to her about it.

She said she loved me totally and wanted me to be happy. That's why she decided to have my fantasy fullfilled.

But I was all she wanted. That she didn't let Dave cum in her as that was for her husband, me, the one she loves.

Did she enjoy it? Yes but must never happen again. Tomorrow I must ask Dave to leave, as my fantasy has been made a reality. We made love and it was fantastic, knowing my cock was where another man's had been less than two hours earlier. But it was mine that filled her with spunk.

So that's how it ended, well almost.

Dave went home in the morning. Karen unfriended him on Facebook. Our sex life's greatly improved. Karen sucks me a lot more often and now she loves 69ing. But we don't want or need anyone else.

Dave for quite a few weeks kept messaging karen, saying how she wants his cock etc. Despite her telling him it's not going to happen ever again he persisted until we both blocked him when it appeared he wouldn't take no for an answer.

The lesson we learnt was that sometimes fantasies are just that and sometimes it's best to leave them as that. We learned that all we needed was to talk and make time for each other more. Our sex lives are fantastic now. Karen regularly waxes, keeping smooth. She wears much more sexy and daring clothes. And often when we go out she'll flirt by giving people a flash of her knickers or breasts, all the time whilst holding my hand.