22 Aug 2019

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My wife hasn't admitted she's seeing someone but it's so obvious. I hope it's just one lad it's been going on for 3 or 4 years. She has changed for the better, we now have sex twice a week sometimes more. She fully shaves now which she wouldn't do for me. Also she has had a coil fitted. I asked her for years to go on the pill or have a coil fitted but she wouldn't I had to pull it out at the last minute plus we could go a month without having sex. She now enjoys sucking my cock and goes into 69 position. Her pussy is not as tight as it was. When we are having a shag I always say to her that whoever is shagging her has done me a favour and has trained her up. She giggles but won't admit anything. I am jealous of course, when I am licking her I think of this bastard fucking her and coming inside her. But without him our sex life would be crap. I have accepted the situation and it does turn me on knowing she spends saturdays getting serviced by another man. Saturday nights she's not interested in me sunday the same but she's happy. Monday she's up for it with me. I don't know if I want her to admit it or not. Writing this helps me to accept things.

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Tags: affair