Written by George

28 Dec 2011

The bus stop was very close to the Empire Cinema. I can't be sure what the film was called. I think it was 'School for Scoundrels'. There were only a few people in the back row, when we got there. There was all the usual crap to watch before the main film. Cinemas still have that muffled atmosphere, I guess it has to do with sound projection requirements.

In the semi silence and gloom, Helen rustled her way along the row, sat down and adjusted her hemline with great and usual modesty. I could only think of the fat pervert coming to sit alongside us, him ogling the white and black patterned satin dress draped so modestly over my my wife's little knees. I wanted so much to see his fat elderly hand going under her white petticoats and satin dress. There he would discover taut and prim little suspenders, the brief skirt of her open bottom girdle and the tight satin vee of her full briefs

With my dirty thoughts talking to my little prick, I snuggled close to my beloved Helen, groping he tits and turning her to kiss me. Pushing her dress up to expose frlly white petticoats, suspenders and stocking tops. 'Stop, stop, someone might see' she whimppered, just at the moment I saw the ugly fat man and three others coming along our row. I backed off. I didn't want her to see him, so I made a great show of kissing the cherry red lips on her oval little woman's face, made more desireable with so much pale powder and blusher- making the most of her high cheek bones.

I forced my tongue into her mouth, all the more aroused by our public display. Helen was seated to my right, so I had my right arm around her as the three men approached from her other side. With her face toward me and my lips now nustling and nibbling her ear, she did not hear them making a deliberately quiet approach.

But I was very careful not to pull my wife's petticoats and dress back in place. Both of us had been kissing with eyes closed, but I opened mine a crack to take note of the three burly men who were both looking at the virginal white silky underwear I had so deliberately exposed for them. Lashings of lace and filly petticoats were frothed up. Exposing the womanly white and secret satin front panel of her girdle, my right hand working its way between her thighs, while the other one rampantly groped her budding breasts, through the top of the white satin and black flower dress that hugged her upper body. I worked my fingers roughly across the satin panties, tracing the gorgeous line of her barely concealed bald sex slit. Other dirty old men had now taken seats in front of us. I hoped the cinema usher, another old man, would turn a blind eye to our passionate young love.

There were lots of men staring now. The one next to us, who had been on the bus, looked longingly in the direction of Helen's tight panties and stocking tops. I had parted her legs and my touch was making her moan. I wanted the men to join in. All I could think of was to take my hand away from my my wife's pretty panties and hop he would take his chance. Helen was nustling close to me, moaning softly and cooing that she loved me, as the ugly fat man put his big hand where mine had been. Helen started and I held her tight, her body beginning the convulsiois of orgasm in the front of at least te dirty old men.

She knew what had happened as I let go my hold. She kept her big blue made up eyes tightly closed as I held my breath and hoped I had not blown it. Then the man next to me swapped places with his neighbour, brazenly gripping her stocking clad thigh with his gnarled hand, working his way up to her pany covered mound. The men in front had turned to watch and one of them reached out to stroke her breasts through the satin bodice.

She winced as he gripped each pointed mound in turn, while the other one kept massaging the exposed mound between her legs. 'Little slut likes it' said the 70 something ghoul next to me. As he brought his withered lips close to my young wife's, I noticed how rotten his teeth were. But for all of his age, he had strong hands. His fingers were now right inside my wife's tight panties and he was finger fucking her to a painful and noisy orgasm. Just as she was cumming, I saw the old usher. He shone his torch right on us, as Helen bucked against the pressure of the man who was pushing her against the seat by her breasts and the hefty fingers inside her bald cleft.

The usher made the most of the sexy sight before saying: 'That's it, you've gone too far. You will all have to leave the cinema or I will call the police. Helen whimpered that it was not her fault. But the usher sneered and took delight in saying: 'From what I saw young lady, you were asking for everything you got and were enjoying yourself. Now please go and have your fun elsewhere. It is more than my jobs worth to put up with such antics.

Helen and I left the cinema in front of the group of leering men, which had now grown to fifteen, including some young thugs who had enjoyed her show. She looked very vulnerable in the tight silk frock, high heels and seamed stockings. She also smelt divine, expert make up making her look every inch a pretty flower.

I wondered if I had destroyed our marriage by encouraging such antics, but could easily blame those men if she was too upset. 'I have to go to the toilet' she whispered to me, avoiding the lustful stares of those men, her blushes and blusher making her look even more desirable to them.

My prick was still very stiff when the man from the bus and holiday camp came up to me and said: 'She's a juicy little fucker. Love the way she just sits there and lets it happen.' The other men crowded around as he went on: 'How about you bring her to a place I know an we have a whip round. I can get 40 or more blokes to watch a strip show, feel her up a bit, talk dirty to the little cunt, bring her on in front o' the lot of us. Maybe get 10 blokes even, pound a piece. Mate o' mines got a bit of a warehouse back o' his High St shop. He sells seaside rubbish. We could use some of the things he sells on the little bitch. Pay yer extra for that. Even more if we can fuck her. But I warn yer, we'll fuck the bitch good and proper. Here, I'll write down the address and phone number.'

The bald man's bad breath was all over me and my hands were shaking as I took the piece of paper. 'Give him a ring ternight an let's get the ball rolling. She is a sort. Met 'em before. All prim and proper, but they'll let yer do what yer like with 'em. Make a good whore in my opinion, and I can get plenty of men to fuck the likes of her. I know yer want it, or you wouldna let me and uvver bloke get our hands on her little bald cunt hole. Like her little man in a boat an all, fuckin' little slut. She needs some serious fuckin.' As he spoke, he turned his attention to the sound of well measured and balanced womanly click clacking steps. All of the men's eyes turned on her hungrily, with total dirty minded lust

Helen was teetering, with small careful steps, towards us from the toilets, clutching her handbag, blonde hair partly obscuring her fine features, walking carefully on high heels, splendid little womanly hips swaying under the rustling tight satin and petticoats. I could see she had retouched her make up after that man had slobbered over her. I desperately needed to fuck her after what had happened in the cinema and what had been proposed by the seedy old man.

P.S For the man who wondered where part one is, please type ' wife 1960s' into search and it will come up. I am considering submitting all parts as one story, next time.