Written by Tony & helen

9 Apr 2013

Hi. This all happened about 6 yrs ago after i had a bad accident at work and as a result took my redundancy.

My wife helen decided to get a part time job in a pub a few miles away. Whilst i stayed at home and did the chores the best i could.

Helen just did the afternoon session at the pub 12pm-4pm.She enjoyed it and we weren't under each others feet all day. Our sex life

was sound until the accident'then i either wasn't in the mood or suffering a few erection problems. When i was in the mood or knew

she was' i did the best i could with either my fingers or my mouth. I kept having thoughts about helen straying and it used to

upset me that i wasn't satisfying her properly. When i mentioned this to her' She assured me that she was perfectly happy and that she loved me.


Helen usully got home from work about 4-30ish' and i'd have a cuppa ready for her when she walked in. Then one day she didn't get in until about 5.30

I just said why so late. She told me the girl folllowing her shift had rung in sick & the landlord had asked her to do an extra hour. And

that he'd also asked her to fill in for the evening shift too. To which she'd said yes sure.

So she said i'm off for a quick bath & would i bringing her a cuppa upstairs as she was bursting for a pee. i walked in as she was running the bath and

watched her getting undressed. I noticed that she had a light blue bra on and pair of yellow knickers' something didnt add up because when i saw her

getting ready for work ealier she had a matching light blue set on. Anyway after she'd left for work this was preying on my mind. I went upstairs

into the laundry basket and saw the yellow knicks on top & then underneath a couple of my T shirts i found her light blue knickers. Fuck i could smell

the aroma of sex on them even as i got them out. I put them upto my nose and i've no idea what i felt. jealousy'disgust'Anger' i dont know.

But one thing i did know is that i had an erection like i hadn't had in ages. I phoned the pub where she worked to speak to her. Even though

i hadn't a clue what i was going to say. Someone answered and said sorry helen only works afternoons. Where the fuck was she then. My mind was racing'

my body was shaking & my cock was throbbing. I must have tossed myself off 3 times that night.

Around 12ish i heard a car pull up outside and my wife saying thanks for the lift then driving off.

Helen came through the door and i asked how she was & how work was. She said it was busy and that she was shattered with the double shift.

(Yeah i bet she was)

We spoke for a while & had a bite to eat.But i never mentioned anything.We went to bed and i tried to finger her but she moved my hand

away saying i'm shatterd. About 3 in the morning i was still awake thinking and went to the bathroom i looked in the basket to find her

night shift clothes & there under her blouse were another pair of spunked up knickers. Fuck this was too much for me.

For the next few weeks there was a lot more alleged night shifts and every time more dirty knickers. One night when she pulled up and was

chatting outside in the car. When she cme in i said you seem friendly with the taxi driver' To which she said no thats Derek he's a

customer in the pub. Now as i knew she hadn't really been working i asked how he was able to drink all night then drive her home.

She tried to come up with some excuse or the other when i said lift your skirt and hand me your panties. No she said what are you a PERV?

I said i think this guy Derek or someone else has been fucking you. She broke down in tears as she handed me the spunky smelly knickers.

She looked at me saying sorry' but her face changed when she saw me put them to my face sniff them then lick the crotch of them.

She saw my hardening cock and we fucked for ages. The sloppy seconds were a great turn on.

The morning after we talked about her lover and she told me that 2 guys in the pub in the afternoon were always tormenting her about

which one was going to screw her. Derek or Sid. So i said so i take it derek won. No she said they both did. fuck my brain went into

overdrive. I told her i'd known she was getting fucked for a while & that instead of doing it behind my back'

Why didnt she do it in front of me. She couldn't get her head around this but said it turned her on and she would ask both of them

to see if one of them was willing to. The next day she came home and said they were both willing too. Had i any preference. I said no.

Not knowing the guys. that night she went out again and earlier than usual i heard a car pull up and then she walked in and said Tony this

is sid. Sid shook my hand and said here you are pal and removed a pair of my wifes knickers from his pocket theyre well spunked up for

you he said' Helens told me how you like to sniff them so do it. After a bit of chit chat he told me he was married & that he & helen

were just fun and no threat to our marriage, He sat her on his knee on the settee in front of me and started playing with her pussy in

front of me. She was squelshing as he fingered her and then sshe sucked him and he fucked her leaving a huge deposit in her cunt.

Right i'd better be off then he said. By the way tony i have to take my wife out tomorrow so Derek will probably bring her home. (My

god my wife was their fuck toy). The night after sure enough Derek broght her home and he fucked her then told me to get it direct from her

cunt not her knickers. Ive no idea what she told them about me.

Now they don't even need to take her out' now that i know about them. They just come round whenever sid' Derek' or both together.

and fuck Helen whenever & however they like. She looks me straight in the face whilst they're fucking her and mouths the words

I Love You to me as she cums over their cocks. I'd never thought of myself as a cuck before but wow.