Written by markandjaq

20 Sep 2010

Well jaq and i have had agreat time over the years from both a sexual and personal point of view.In truth i have always been more into the swinging scene than her and up to a point, she has gone along with things to please me, admittedly having a lot of good times too.

Jaq had said once before she wanted to stop and become a "normal" couple again and when she told me last year that she had had enough of the scene we agreed to live a normal life!I was gutted as i enjoyed watching her with other blokes.

I joined a well known social networking site a few years ago a jaq fairly recently followed suit we had a daft bet who could get the most "friends" in a given period of time and the loser had to buy dinner for the winner.Jaq is very competitive and got friends to accept her from work etc and also her teenage son and daughters frriends were recruited.Anyway jaq won so i paid for the meal etc.She rarely used the site prior to this but i noticed she was now using it a lot more but thought little of it.I had in the meantime been tryingto persuade her back to out sexy lifestyle but she was having none of it.One night she was on her laptop giggling away but wouldnt say why she was laughing.She went to have a bath and curiosity got the better of me and i switched her laptop on and logged onto the site. I was shocked to see she had a lot of messages from a few blokes all of whom were trying to get into her knickers so to speak but one in particular seemed to be having a degree of success as she was clearly flirting with him.As i read through the messages(yes i know how bad that is!)they were becoming more and more sexy and she was now agreeing to meet him, i was exited but slightly annoyed she had not told me.At this point i decided to click on his name(i didnt know him) and see what he looked like.He was a 23 year old friend of my stepdaughter i was truly amazed and shocked.The last message had read meet me at (a well known local place i wont name)at 8.30 to which she had positively responded. She was now in the bath and was about to get ready to meet her new prospective lover.Although i had always agreed to her taking lovers she had never done it behind my back or with someone half her age.I had a wierd worried feeling in my stomach and couldnt honestly tell if i was enjoying it or not but decided to keep quiet.

She came down from her bath dressed and announced she was going to asda and then to her friends and she may be late i nodded and she kissed me and said bye and left in her car.

She was not really dressed in a totally sexy way denim skirt nice top not very revealing to be honest but she always wore tights or hold ups( i later found it had been the latter).I convinced myself it was fine to be exited and she would tell me all later.

She rang about 12.00 midnight and said she would be home about 1am and that i should go to bed.I couldnt sleep and was still awake when she arrived home about 2.30am.I pretended to be asleep and heard her in the bathroom for what seemed like an age.Eventually she came to bed cuddled up to me but pushed away my sexual advances saying she was tired. The following day i again looked on her laptop (she had still said nothing to me about her new lover) and there was a message from him saying how fantastic it had been and how he couldnt wait to see her again to which she had responded in a similar way but adding that i was out on the friday night and he could come round about 10 as i was staying with my brother after a night out as it was too far to come home in a taxi.Anyway that night has passed i didnt go out i hid in my own home and watched what my wife got up to... it was amazing if you are interested in what happened i will finish this off later.......