Written by markandjaq

3 Nov 2010

From 1/11 posting.

I stood outside for a while and listened to them fucking, this young man who earlier had been a nervous wreck was fucking my wife in our bed for all he was worth.After a while i heard him ask jaq if "she was still up for it" whatever it was she said yes too and Ian responded with a groan and called her a dirty little slut as he emptied the contents of his balls into my willing wife.I heard Jaq giggle and say "bet you thought i wouldnt do it didnt you".I went to the spare room and got into bed i couldnt hear anything now and just lay there cock in hand thinking and hoping i had made the right decision about giving Jaq so much freedom.The door opened and in walked Jaq, still in her hold ups but naked otherwise.She moved me across the single bed and got under the covers with me.I kissed her and she took my hand and placed it near to her pussy.It was swollen and very wet!She said "lick me and you can have sloppy seconds!"She knows this is something i love (sloppy seconds i mean).I said no as i had never knowingly at least gone down on her after someone had cum in her.She said no licking no sex and motioned to get out of the bed.My cock was throbbing and needed much more than the wank i was about to give it before jaq had come in.I pushed her back down and pulled back the cover, she smiled and told me to go ahead and that i was a god when it came to oral (ive always been told i am rather fantastic!)there was a lot of cum all around her pussy and i put two fingers gently inside her and pulled out a large amount of thick cum.She took my hand to her mouth and put my fingers inside it.She licked and sucked my fingers like it was a cock and cleaned all the cum off them and said "go on down you go, your turn to find what it tastes like" I was still reluctant but slowly moved down her body to her pussy. There was still obvious signs of cum but i put my tongue on her clit and started to lick and caress her pussy.I continued and after a short time just went for it!It wasnt so bad, not exactly to my taste but wanted to please her as much as she was pleasing me.After only a very short time i felt her building up to a climax.My tongue darted in and out of her lovehole my earlier reluctance gone as she shouted out and pushed herself onto me, my tongue going deeper into her as she orgasmed. I moved up to her and we kissed passionately as i entered her my cock felt as big and hard as it ever had as i thrust the full length into her.I love her talking dirty when we have sex and today was so incredible.She told me she loved Ians cock and that she was going to continue fucking him as long as she could, with or without my blessing!My thrusts got faster as she told me she had agreed to go to his friends caravan in wales for a long weekend and that his friend would be there and that he would be fucking her too.This was too exiting for me and i shot my load inside her as i called her a little slut.I was totally spent as she sat up and cleaned herself."i take it you are ok with that then, she said, as she pulled up her stockings."im going next thursday till monday so you will need to sort the kids for school, oh and im going back to sit on Ians big cock again! Full english and a cup of coffee about 9.30 and knock before you come in please!"

Off she went and i drifted off to sleep about 2.30am only to be awoken about an hour later by jaq screaming out after yet another orgasm.I eventually woke at about 7.30 and all was quiet in my room they were both asleep.The door was slightly ajar and i could see jaq lying with her stockinged leg over Ians limp but still very impressive cock. His phone had fallen out of his jeans and was on the floor.I couldnt resist it, i looked at the messages lots of sexy messages from jaq saying how much she wanted his cock inside her, picture messages she had sent of herself in many positions and sexy uniforms etc i hadnt seen!Then there was a recieved text from a bloke called Darren.

It read,"cant believe you have persuaded her to come,its gonna be fantastic"Get her to bring loadsa sexy gear,we can film her as we fuck her.You better not be winding me up?"

So my wife really had meant what she said, she was REALLY going away for the weekend.Fuck me the thought really exited me!

So i put the phone away and went down to start the breakfast.About half an hour later i went up to see if they were awake, i could hear they were from the foot of the stairs!

I crept up and the door was open.Ian was shagging her hard from behind her face was in the pillow but i could still hear her moan in sheer ecstacy.He moaned as he came in her again and collapsed on top of her.They moved around and he got up i could see his cum pouring out of her pussy.He did too and he caught some and fed it to her.She lapped it up again and he repeated the procedure.My mrs is a cum slut too!

They came down for breakfast and we sat very civilised with little of the previous nights events mentioned.I forgot to mention the cheeky bugger had my bathrobe on!

After breakfast he said he had better be going and they both went upstairs to get dressed.The phone rang it was one of jaqs friends.I took the phone upstairs and without thinking knocked,on my own door!

He said "sorry mark can it wait jaq is just sucking me off!"

I made an excuse to her friend hoping to god she hadnt heard Ians response!

When they came down Ian came down shook my hand and said"thanks your mrs is great!Will you drop her at mine on thursday about 5.30!"

I agreed and off he went.I fucked jaq again and while she was talkin dirty again she agreed that they would video as much as they could in the caravan, which prompted me to cum quickly again.So thats up to date now its WEDNESDAY not tuesday and im waiting for her to come back!She phoned up and TOLD me she was staying an extra night and she had loads to tell me!