Written by markandjaq

1 Nov 2010

following on from 31st oct posting.

They were in front of me pulling each others clothes off, jaqs nipples were so big and hard she was totally turned on.I could see Ian was much more self concious and wary.I put on my directors hat so to speak and told him to strip the rest of jaqs clothes off and then take off his own.He did so and seemed slightly more confident.I told jaq to lay back on the couch and Ian to pleasure her with his tongue.They kissed passionately and touched each other intimately.Ian was totally naked and extremely turned on jaq was down to her black lace hold ups.Ian was kissing her body from top to bottom and boy was jaq enjoying it! I got the camera to focus close up on her pussy as his eager tongue arrived, she moaned loudly and spread her legs wide as his tongue quickly found her clit she moaned very loudly as he quickened the pace of his tongue and he quite roughly pushed two fingers inside her.She shouted out in ecstacy but too loud for my liking so i told Ian to rearrange himself so they were in a 69 position.She eagerly took his cock in her mouth and was able to masturbate him at the same time god his cock was big!I continued to film as she looked at the camera and said"i wish my husbands cock was this big and thick" smiling at me through the lens before carrying on sucking him.This went on for a while before Ian turned round his cock was standing right up erect and i told him to fuck my wife hard till he filled her with his cum.He smiled and said "no problem" and thrust his cock inside her.He fucked her with a force i could only dream of and i trained the camera on my wifes pussy as this monster thrust in and out of her, jaq was almost in a frenzy as she squirmed underneath his youthful body desperately trying to push herself onto his cock as he thrust into her. All of a sudden they found that perfect rhythm and jaq was really squealing, Ian started to grunt as the director i told him to pull out and squirt his cum all over jaq he just groaned and banged her really hard as jaq put her feet around his arse and pulled him closer and as she did so he groaned and shot all his sperm into my willing wife.

She looked directly at me through the camera and said "im never giving him up you better learn to live with it".As he pulled out his cum oozed out of jaq he collected it on his fingers and put it in her mouth, she groaned with pleasure as she swallowed it camera still in hand i used my left hand and put two fingers inside her, i finger fucked her for a while and she again licked the sticky mess from my fingers this time.Ian then offered his still semi hard cock to her mouth and she lovingly kissed and licked all the residue off it.We then sat and chatted about what had happened and were all at ease with the whole situation.I was slightly unnerved as jaq gently played with his cock and saw it quickly regain rock hard status.She started to suck him again but looked up after a few minutes and said she had decided to go ahead with the threesome Ian was keen on and hoped i was ok with it.However she said "this time you wont be there!"She then sucked Ian off expertly as i continued to film, the tape lasting just about long enough for me to film her doing my favorite thing.He shot his load in her mouth and although she swallowed some she came right up to the camera lens and put out her tongue, showing me a thick load on her tongue before swallowing it, and showing me a clean tongue.I always loved her doing this with me, but this was despite numerous swinging encounters the first time she had done it with anyone else, and i had it on camera forever!The tape ran out soon after ans as good as their word they said goodnight and went upstairs to our marital bed!Jaq kissed me goodnight and smiled as she said "i really hope you are ok with this because i love it!" Ian i could see in the background lying on my side of the bed wanking his again stiff cock "come on jaq come and sit on this!Oh goodnight Mark!" Cocky little bastard had grown in confidence big time.Jaq closed the door and i heard her groan as she obviously did sit on his hard on!Final part tommorrow.