Written by Robin the cuck

20 Sep 2018

My wife Claire is lovely, gorgeous and has an amazing perfect figure. We are now eary 40’s and she is an petite size 8, 5’3”, long blonde hair, small to average tits with big nipples and a great ass and legs. She dresses sexily and always gets checked out by guys.

Our life looks from the outside as perfect and we are seen as a perfect couple, and I guess we are except for our sex life.

We both have a very high sex drive but I don’t satisfy her so I deserve what I am about to tell you. My cock is smaller than average and I am premature and cum far too quick to satisfy Claire. She loves the way I lick her but she loves to get fucked hard and long and that is where I sadly leave her frustrated and unstaisfied.

Over the last few years I found out that she has fucked at least a few other guys. I even caught her in our bed fucking a guy who was installing an alarm at our house.

Rightly she put the blame on me for not satisfying her, making her go elsewhere. Therefore I forgave her after the first time and reluctantly agreed to her getting it from other guys.

When I caught her fucking in our bed, I walked in on them. She calmly and confidently just told me to go away as they hadn’t finished. I just did as I was told and went downstairs listening to her getting fucked much better than I could do.

We talked after. I was going to put my foot down but it ended up, as always, with Claire telling what would be happening. She told me if I didn’t like it then I should either sort my problem out or leave, as she needed to be satisfied by other men.

Strangely I loved being humiliated and the mixed emotions of knowing other men were fucking MY wife which made me feel sick, but made me horny as hell.

I confessed this to Claire, and she has used this against me and now does what she likes with guys whenever she wants. She is now on a quest to humiliate me as much as she can.

When she had her female friends round she told them all in front of me that I have a small cock and am premature, and they laughed at me telling her they felt sorry for me.

She has even mentioned it in front of my mates. She now tells me if she has got fucked that day. She makes me strip and tells me all the details knowing I will get hard listening to her.

A while back she showed me her cum filled pussy and told me to lick her out, which i did.

One of the guys from work sometimes gives me a lift. I know Claire fancies him and the other week as he dropped me off, she invited him in for a beer.

After a while of outrageously flirting with him she told him that she could do with a man like him to pleasure her as i was useless. He was taken aback at first but when he realised she was being serious he flirted back. Before long she took him upstairs to our room and told me to cook dinner.

I know he is well endowed as the rumour has gone round work and Claire obviously found that out as they fucked for over an hour upstairs.

This is now a regular occurrence and everyone at work knows about it.

Weirdly I am happy and I know Claire is. I’m not sure about what she is suggesting happen next. We have known each other from school and one of her ex’s was a school bully who bullied me. She told me last week that she looked him up on Facebook and met him and ended up fucking him.

She has told me that he has agreed to visit us and fuck Claire in front of me to show me how it is done. I’m not sure I want that but doubt I’ll have a say in it.