Written by James

20 Mar 2019

It had long been a fantasy of mine to take my wife to a cinema and expose her whilst there.

She agreed it could be quite horny as she doesn't mind some flashing.

So we decided on what clothes to wear and it was a white blouse, her just above knee skirt which has a zip from top to bottom. Underneath was her red underwear, bra, french knickers, 8 strap suspender belt and black stockings. Her coat covered in all up.

When we got there we made sure that she was sat next to a man by himself with me the other side.

We did nothing until the lights were dimmed. We were one row from the back with no-one in the seats behind us.

This wasn't a sex cinema just an ordinary one with an ordinary film.

When it was dark enough and her coat undone, I undid some buttons on her blouse and put my hand inside. It was now that we would get to know the guy's reaction. Would he move away, summon the manager, it was part of the thrill?

He did neither and was just having the occasional glance at me playing with her tits outside her bra.

So I then got her to undo the zip on her skirt about halfway up so her stocking tops and suspenders were showing. Again his reaction was no more than to have the odd look.

I then undid it a bit more and by now her french knickers were showing too. At this point I could see the guy clearly getting a hard on and was rubbing his cock. I then whispered to her to take his hand and place it on her suspenders. He was soon stroking his hand along her stockings. He was bold now and unzipped his cock from his jeans.

I then took off my wife's knickers leaving him free to finger her. He was now playing with her cunt and I gave her the red panties. She then started wanking him into them. Suddenly (and thankfully quietly) I saw his cock jerking time and time again from my wife wanking him.

He never said a word but quickly did himself up and left straight away.

My wife put her knickers back on. I had a quick feel and they were absolutely soaked with his come.

When we left the cinema and got to the car in the dark car park, I just couldn't wait any longer. So we got in the back seat, she stroked those sodden knickers along my cock before I fucked her. Where she'd worn the panties it had made her cunt soaking too, so it really felt that she had been fucked by the guy (something we haven't done yet).