Written by keith

20 Oct 2008

Reading th story by Daves mate reminded me of a time down in Cornwall when Moira and I were sharing a bungalow with Doug and Moira\'s mother. Moira and I went to bed early and we lit the fire in our room, we had been drinking with the team in the local pub and we were both feeling a bit the worse for wear but also feeling like having some fun. I has other plans on my mind as well. I knew that Doug had the hots for Moira and was longing to sink his big dick into her and wanted to see it happen.

Moira and I stripped naked and started to play around I was sucking her lovely pert tits and feeling her tight pussy sinking my fingers into her making her all the more wet with her juices. We played for a long while and I suppose what with the drink and the heat of the fire in the room she became more drowsy and wanted to sleep. This was my chance. Telling her that I was going to the loo I quietly slipped into Doug\'s room and gently shook him telling him what was afoot. He slipped out of the bed stark naked his cock swinging from side to side as we slipped back into my room. Moira was almost asleep as I pulled the blankets back and turned her onto her tummy the slipping my hands around her hips I raised her bottom into the air and parted her legs. I nodded to Doug to get behind her and watched his hands fondling her bottom and slip between her legs to find her wet opening. He leaned over her taking a tit into his left hand as he slipped mre fingers into her fanny. He was teasing her and delving deeply into her and she responded by riding on his fingers bucking her hips against his thrusts. Now was the moment he and I had long wanted to see, he moved up close to her bottom her shoulders went down onto the bed and her hips tilted upwards to present her fanny for my pleasure not at this point realising that it was Doug who was about to fuck her. He held his thick long cock in one hand and positioned it\'s uncut head at the open lips of Moira\'s wet cunt and just slowly slid the whole length into her. I was in my seventh heaven just watching it slide in and out of her as he gave her long slow strokes holding onto her hips and pulling her back onto himself. I slipped my hand beteen his legs and felt his heavy balls swinging against her and his wet slippery cock going in and out, it was really fantastic and my own cock was rampant.

Moira became aware that she was mounted on a bigger cock than usual and knew that it wasn\'t me she looked up and saw Doug and simply said lets get more comfortable. They left the bed and lay on the rug in front of the fire Doug on his back and Moira mounted on his shaft while I stood behind her playing with her tits. Positions changed fequently as Doug took her with her legs around his waist and then over his shoulders and from the rear. I dont know how many times the reached their climax but to watch his buttocks thrusting in and out and then thrusting and holding clenched whilst his cream jetted into her was really exciting for me. When Doug had had his fill he slipped out of her and quietly went back to his room. Moira and I got into bed and for the first time my cock slipped into her pussey that was filled with another man\'s spunk, it was beautiful and in no time at all I was adding my spunk to his. Thank you Daves Mate for bring back such lovely memories for me.