Written by Gerald

27 Nov 2014

The she selected fresh lingerie from the drawers where I had placedher laundry earlier. I watched her drape a slip over her head and let it fall in a delightful swish of the soft material, and then adjustthe lacy delicate shoulder straps.

She smiled at me as she moved the bodice of her slip, to mould it around her lovely breasts. As I watched, her getting dressed, just like she would with another girl in her room, I swelled even more in my panties. Janet pulled on the first of a pair of fully fashioned seamed tan stockings, carefully attaching each sexy welt to her black six strap suspender belt.

I liked the way I could see her panties and suspender belt through the sheer ivory nylon of the lace drenched satin slip that clung to her pale skinned body, like a second skin, emphasising every curve of her vulnerable womanly body.

Though 45, she looked ten years younger. I knew that her punter, just out of prison after a five year stretch for robbery with violence would fuck the satin pants off of her, make her cum so much and maybe leave her bald little slit impregnated with his Pakistan seed. Wagar, the pimp, had told her the man she was going to see was very dangerous.