Written by James

30 Apr 2008

I was driving the car while my wife was sitting in the back seat sucking off her boss. He was sitting diagonal to me and had his pants down to his ankles and my wife was fully dressed leaning into his lap and had her lips wrapped around his cock and was giving him a blowjob of his life.

Her boss then moved his hands to her tits and started massaging them through her top. He then unbuttoned her top and took it off and did the same with her bra. All this time my wife's mouth never left his cock. Her tits were now hanging loose and her boss played with them, massaged them, pinched her nipples.

Although my wife had been sleeping with her boss for over 3 months now and I knew about it and her boss knew that I knew, this was the first time something was happening in front of me and it was at my request.

I stopped the car in a safe place and turned around to look at them. My wife's boss was leaning back into the seat with his eyes closed, his hands playing with my wifes tits. My wife was licking his cock from tip to base, stopping to lick his balls and kiss and lick his thighs. She was loving every minute of it. Soon her boss said that he was about to cum. My wife opened her mouth over his cock and held it in her hand so that I could see him ejaculate in her mouth. Soon he came and after seeing the first few spurts disappear in her mouth she closed her lips and swallowed every drop he had.

Once they finished, I thanked both of them for letting me watch and drove back home.