Written by us36

11 Aug 2008

My wife had been seeing a chap from work,it was a Sunday night and he text her for a chat, told he to call him and invite him over and i will go to the pub.He Arranged to come over at 10.30 and off to the pub i went well being a Sunday it was to late to get a drink what the hell do i do now i though sod it i ran back ran to the back of the house and managed to hid out of site.In this house we had big french doors and i could see my wife put a video into the machine turn to her man friend and drop her dressing gown to the floor.I could not see properly so moved in closer and as i had never seen he with some one took a real risk,i could see her playing with he's cook and him stroking her pussy they move position and took each other orally and then he stood up and got on top of he and began to have sex it was so good to see this for the first time and unfortunately our swing finished but i am trying to persuade her to do it again so if any suggestions i would be glad to hear