Written by Wetndeep

14 Nov 2009

My wife Debra and I have been thinking of intorducing another guy into our sex life, well it was mainly myself that was suggesting it and hoping that she would say yes. Well after several discussions and denials we agreed to meet with a mutual friend of ours and who Deb would feel safe with. The evening came around and Deb prepared by dressing in a sexy underwear set and dress and was getting quite nervous at this time so we settled this with a couple of drinks. There was a knock at the door and I answered the door and invited James into the room where Debra was waiting sitting on the sofa, she rose up and gave him a peck on the cheek and sat back down. We sat there chatting and sharing different stories and drinking wine.

Well eventually the talk got around to Debra taking another guy and the reasons for wanting to do it. We agreed that we would all stop should anyone of us not want to proceed and then Debra started the event going by leaning forward and kissing James full on the lips to which he responded with a squeeze of her breasts. Both of them started to undress each other as they continued to kiss and I sat there and watched all of this take place with a raging hard on and ecided to strip myself.

Debra then knealt onto the floor and beckoned James to come behind her to which he obliged and pushed his hard dick into her waiting pussy. I looked on with a smile on my face and such a thrill that Debra had taken another guy into her, it was such a horny sensation that came over me as I watched James push in and out of her. Debra was moaning quietly and matching james's motions so that she took all of his cock into her. Jmes was about 8" in length and a considerable girth but Deb was handling it well.

I decided to join the fun and as we chose James due to his bi seuality I positioned myself underneath Debra and moved my tongue up to meet his cock pushing into my wife and licked eagerly at her pussy and his cock and at this time Debra took my cock into her mouth and sucked for all she was worth. I could sense that James was ready to cum and reached up to hold the base of his cock as he continued o pump hard into her hot wet pussy and at the point of ejaculation I pulled out his cock and wanked him so that he shot spurt after spurt of hot cum onto Debra's pussy lips and ass and I was catching the drips from his cock beneath. At this time I myself was ready to shoot and expected Debra to pull away as she always did but this time to my surprise she held my cock in her mouth and encouraged me to shoot down her throat to which I obliged gladly (its amazing how a woman turns when she is sexed up).

I allowed Debra and James to have more fun together that night and Debra is now quite happy to have another man into our marriage as long as she can consider who we invite and James has been a regular so far.