Written by Jay

21 Nov 2007

Now I have read the stories and thought as many yeah right and thought never in a million years. Well a few months ago my wife's friend text me to pass a message on, so i replied she's really pretty about 5' 2" tiny waist and the most gorgeous breasts, anyway she said she'd call over later that afternoon to see my wife . Told my wife she was coming and what time, about 30mins before she arrived my wife had to go out so asked if I'd keep her busy till she got back no problem. In she walked chatty as ever I made a cuppa and we sat chatting I could feel myself getting hard just looking at her the tracky bottoms were hiding nothing. I stood up to make another cuppa, and she said is that for me, well I thought it's now or never said yeah just a little. She stood up came over to me took hold of the tracky bottoms waist and slowly sank to her knees pulling them down as she went, I could hardly contain myself she took the head of my cock in her mouth and started to slowly lick around up and down then she took my balls I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. she stood up we kissed then she turned her back on me hitched up her skirt and bent over the table, what a site she spread her legs her pussy bald and soaking my first reaction was to ram the life out of her but she wanted me to taste what she had, which I obliged after about 5minutes she dropped out of her skirt and lead me into the living room where she sat spread her legs on the settee.I banged her pussy for quite a while and then this wicked smile came over her face as she gazed over my shoulder I turned round to look and there standing at the door was my wife naked and fingering her pussy I nearly had a heart attack she said was I new you wanted to fuck her she came over took hold of my manhood gave me a right sucking told me to take her from behind while she ate the pussy of her friend which I did we fucked all afternoon on and off then when her friend left we just fucked and fucked was I sore, what a day. Now when

she comes over she'll play with my cock while I'm making tea or sit and tease me playing with my wife's pussy it's hard to concentrate, so yeah it does happen now my wife wants to be fucked by my mate which I'll tell you about when it happens one good turn deserves another...