Written by Surt

5 Jul 2019

just a short account of what happened recently with my what i thought was a straight laced wife. For some time now i have like any normal blooded male want to share a MMF experience with my wife but as the usual goes i get called a perv when mentioning it.

Anyway a few weeks ago we attended a hotel for a short weekend break in Devon and we arrived on the Friday evening and all the way down on the journey i was discussing with her that we could meet someone and carry out my fantasy of seeing her with another but she was dismissing it all throughout the journey. we went out for the day on the Saturday and when we arrived back at the hotel we noticed that there was a wedding function on at the hotel. Due to this fact we decided to have a quick drink in the bar and watch the event unfold with wedding pics etc and my wife commenting how nice it all was etc. Well one drink turned into 2 and then into 3 and we got chatting to some of the guests as they milled in and out of the bar. There was a small group of 3 lads that we spoke to all in their mid twenties and they flirted a little with my wife which she loved.

Anyway we retired up to our room to shower and dress for dinner and as usual we had a bottle of wine in the room and my wife duly sank another couple of glasses and seemed to be quite tipsy when we finally left the room to go down to dinner. We enjoyed our meal and then retired to the bar where again the lads were there and we all got chatting again. I decided that due to the wife being by now well and truly on the way to being pissed i made the comment that she should enjoy these guys whilst she had the chance and the answer i got came as a shock when she said "i think you are right you know and you have gone on long enough about it". At that she got to her feet and said "boys if you want some fun follow us" and made a bee line to the room followed swiftly by myself and the 3 lads. Once at the room Debra my wife slipped off her shoes and said "ok lets set some rules, i wont fuck so don't try but i do enjoy oral but don't swallow" which is correct she doesn't. She then stripped off her dress and underwear and the lads were undressed in a split second and over to her feeling up her tits and rubbing her pussy and she in turn was wanking cocks. I stood there and just looked on in some state of shock and jealousy if i am honest and watched as in turn these guys kissed and felt her up and i again watched as she went to her knees and took them in turn into her mouth.

She was sucking on the cocks like her life depended on it and this carried on for a good ten minutes or so before the first one said he was about to come and Debra then said "over my tits please" and this guy let out a groan and shot a reasonable amount of cum across her tits with one spurt splashing up her chin. This was quickly followed by the other two who again shot their loads over her breasts and at that Debra stood up kissed each one of them and asked them to leave which they did.

Once the door had shut i turned and saw her naked with cum all over her breasts and she then said "i hope that satisfies you and that you enjoyed it because i did". I stripped off and pushed her onto the bed and fucked her hard and long until i had shot my cum into her and massaged all of the cum into her breasts as i did this.

we haven't done anything else yet but i am sure that we will soon.

we left early the next morning from the hotel so as to save any embarrassment with others.