Written by James

25 Feb 2009

Way back in November 2007 I shared an honest account of a confession my wife made to me - see http://www.swingingheaven.co.uk/stories/story-39741.html . Nothing further had happened in this regard until last week – although our sex life has been very much better since she was unfaithful, I have continued to masturbate very regularly thinking about her indiscretion and occasionally we have talked about what happened while she was in Singapore – which always leads to a great sex session.

Anyhow last week Claire announced out of the blue that Tony her best friend’s husband was in London on business and that she wanted to go and see him. She asked if it was okay. I said she didn’t need my permission it was her decision but asked ‘was she going to see him or to fuck him?’ She looked embarrassed and said she didn’t know – but we both knew the answer.

She went ahead and made her arrangements and travelled to London – last Thursday afternoon – telling me she’d be back early on Friday – I agreed to drop her at the station and she looked fabulous – as she left she kissed me and said don’t worry I will call you – and off she went.

I didn’t return to work and just went home – I was anxious and upset – I masturbated continuously thinking about what she was going to do again. At around 6:30pm she called and said she had arrived – she told me where she was staying she said she was meeting Tony in 10 minutes – not to worry and that she would call me in the morning. And that was that.

I spent most of the night awake going through a range of emotions but masturbating furiously at the thought of this guy fucking my wife again.

I must have eventually dropped off to sleep because I was awoken by the phone at just after 7:00am. It was Claire – she asked if I was okay and I said I was – she said she was now alone in the room Tony had left for work – and she asked if I wanted to know ‘the details’.

She began by telling me she was naked and she had been naked for the last 12 hours – she said that she was going to masturbate whilst she told me because it was turning her on and she wanted me to do the same. She asked if I was turned on and I confirmed I was.

She then took me through events of the previous evening - they had met in the lobby, had gone to her room, ordered champagne, kissed etc. She then said that there was little or no foreplay and that they had stripped naked and fucked in the missionary position on the bed like a couple of animals. Claire said that Tony was rough with her and she liked it she said he had ejaculated inside her and she had loved the feeling of his cum inside her. She then said that they spent the entire night fucking and wanking each other, she said that she had never come some many times in her life and ‘Tony had come in all her holes’. I did ask if he’d done her ‘up the bum’ and she said he had – and that really did piss me off because she doesn’t let me!

By now it was too late I was spunking my load in our marital bed listening to my normally conservative wife talking about how she’d just fucked her best friend’s husband and enjoyed every minute of it.

Claire returned that morning and I went to work so it was early evening before I saw her. She was very quiet when I got home but she took me by the hand and led me straight to the bedroom – dropping her dress to reveal stockings, suspenders, a little g string and a sexy bra – I was on her like a shot and she got a second night of fucking. Whatever the rights and wrongs of what she has done our sex life is on fire.

Eventually I had to ask whether her friend Gill knew anything about her liaison with Tony – and she confirmed that she did. Claire wants us to take part in a foursome with Gill and Tony when (if) they visit the UK soon – I am not sure whether this will ever happen but if it does I will certainly be more interested in watching Tony fuck Claire than getting my cock into Gill.

I thought I’d share this with you and I will post any further updates but given the nature of the relationship and the distances involved it may not be any time soon but a minor indiscretion on Claire’s part every few years may not be a bad thing for the sake of our relationship.