Written by James

4 May 2012

I wrote an emotional account back in 2007 see link http://www.swingingheaven.co.uk/stories/story-39741.html when my wife first confessed that she was having sex whilst away in Singapore with her best friend and her husband. Then in 2009 she had a one on one meet with her friends husband when he came to London on business http://www.swingingheaven.co.uk/stories/story-55753.html

Since then I have not been aware of any further transgressions on her part but we do talk about her sessions with Gill and Tony and they have improved both the regularity and the quality of our sex. I also fantasise about Claire fucking Tony whenever I masturbate.

As I have said many years have passed but last Christmas Tony and Gill sent us the usual Christmas card but this time said they would be visiting the UK in the spring – given all the previous comments about a foursome this was big news. Sure enough Gill and Claire were in contact and in April – just after Easter Gill and Tony did come and stay with us for three days. At last!

It has taken time for me to absorb exactly what happened during those few days and things are only just starting to return to normal at home. I think it is helpful for me to write an account of what happened and I just hope a few people enjoy reading it.

Firstly the evening Gill and Tony arrived – nothing happened and everything was a little awkward – keeping in mind this is a couple I have never met previously and that both of them have had sex with my wife; probably a lot more was thoughtthan said.

On the first day proper I had to get up and go to work and when I got home things seemed even more awkward – lots of sideways glances etc… I dragged Claire into the kitchen and asked what the fuck was happening because I felt a stranger in my own home. She dragged me upstairs into our bathroom and closed the door – she then said it had ‘all gone off during the day’ – Gill and Tony had got out of bed quite late around 10:00 they had then enticed Claire into the room and the three of them had gone at it. I was probably being stupid when I asked Claire to clarify – “gone at it”. Claire blushed and looked very awkward and then said you know full well what I mean; we all had sex, you know they both licked my pussy for all they were worth, I sucked and licked Gill and Tony fucked the pair of us. She then paused before saying, and it was the best sex I have had since the last time he fucked me and my knickers are full of his cum!'

Claire then said it had been decided we would sleep apart that night – she was going in the spare room with Tony and I could ‘entertain’ Gill in our room. I asked who had decided this – and she said the three of them had discussed it and agreed it. She then looked at me and said 'is there a problem?'. I didnt reply because there wasnt a problem I was just scared.

Claire said that she really wanted me to have a good night with Gill – she said really let go she’s lovely and she really wants you. She added if it helps think about Tony next door fucking me. I said you really like him don’t you to which she replied – yes I can’t get enough of him.

Strangely we had something to eat, a few drinks even watched a bit of TV until Claire announced that her and Tony were ‘turning in’ at about 9:20.

That left me with Gill, a women who is probably early forties, slim, small breasts (but a good shape), short, blond (dyed) hair. Attractive with a good figure but really not the sort I’d ever go for.

Gill suggested we go upstairs, I turned the lights off and locked up downstairs and followed her up to our room – I listened carefully as I passed the guests room but apart from muffled voices I could hear nothing.

When I got into our room Gill was just standing there. I asked if she was okay? Partly meaning was she okay and partly was she okay with what was being proposed. Gill said she was fine. She said that her and Tony had ‘swapped partners’ a few times over the years and whilst she was nervous she had always enjoyed it. She said that she was going to enjoy tonight and so was I.

Without thinking I asked ‘do you think they are fucking next door’? Gill said probably they have been at it all day but don’t worry its only sex.

Gill then lifted her top over her head and quickly rearranged her hair back into place. She was wearing a black bra, which she unclipped, and slip down her arms. She immediately took her trousers off and within no time was on the bed wearing just a pair of black knickers – she then looked at me as if to say come on. Her body was good and I did feel turned on but nervous and awkward at the same time.

I stripped and joined her on the bed, we kissed for a time and I touched her small breasts, before she took control and took my penis in her mouth and gave me one hell of a blowjob. It really wasn’t how I would have planned it but I came in her mouth. I then returned the compliment and went down on her. She had a small well trimmed triangle of pubic hair but it was well away from the action when I licked her and it turned me on when she Gill said your wife licked my cunt earlier today. Gill was very wet and I licked or all I was worth, after a time Gill started to play with me and I got really hard, it was at this point Gill suggested we had sex. I took a condom from the bedside draw, Gill said you don’t have to, but I said I’d prefer, I rolled the condom on and positioned myself between Gills legs, I slipped in to her and she grabbed my bum pulling me into her and gently dug her long nails into my back and my bum.

This was the first women I had had other than Claire for many many years and boy was I enjoying it, it was so good – I leaned forward and Gill and I kissed passionately, and in no time I came and it was huge and felt so good. After we’d kissed some more I removed the condom etc I watched as Gill made herself come in front of me. She told me she wanked a couple of times a day on average – which I thought was impressive.

We had a truly lovely time together and had sex again before falling asleep, early the next morning we had sex again and wearing a condom I enjoyed my first anal sex – which felt really rude but Gill was very experienced and she made it fantastic, I pulled out before I came removed the condom and wanked all over Gill’s sexy bum rubbing my cum into her arse hole. Why taken me so long to discover the pleasures of a women's bum?

Cuddling and touching Gill I drifted in and out of sleep until there was a knock on the door, it was Claire – stark naked she came in and said she wanted her husband back and told Gill that Tony was waiting for her. Gill jumped up and naked she left the room. Claire said don’t say a word, you can tell me later; I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard, I’m full of cum and I need more, please fuck me, fuck me now. She lay on the bed and we kissed as I positioned myself and entered her, we fucked like a couple of animals, god it was so good and it lasted ages (partly because I’d shot my load so many times that night). Eventually I did come inside her and I rubbed her clit when I had finished so that she came too. We lay inbed for about 40 minutes exchanging stories playing with ourselves because we were so turned on.

I had to go in to work again that day and wondered all day whether they were at it again or not – as it happens they weren’t. That evening we all slept together in our room for part of the night until Gill and Tony left us in the early hours to go next door to sleep.

Words can hardly describe my feelings of fucking Gill with my own wife and her husband watching – Gill is so horny and one hell of a fuck. That however, is nothing to watching your wife (who’s generally a bit of a prude and quite conservative) locked in a threesome with a women sitting on her face and her husband fucking her in both the pussy and up the arse. The highlight of that night and an image that will never leave me was Tony ejaculating all over Claire’s pubic hair and watching Gill lick it up – if I had filmed that I’d have made a million.

In no time Gill and Tony were off to visitGil's parents - leaving a very strange feeling behind them. Claire and I have fucked and masturbated none stop talking about what happened but we have both had to confess that as much as we love each other perhaps we are no longer enough for each other. I used to worry about Claire’s feelings for Tony – in fact I still do but I worry equally about my own feelings towards Gill.

I have no idea if Tony and Gill will return to the UK anytime soon but I don’t think Claire and I can wait for that we seriously need to expand our horizons and bring others into our sex life if we are to experience these highs again.

I hope I don't have to wait so long to write the next update.