Written by Dirty D

10 Feb 2018

I love nothing better than my wife telling me stories about her dirty past and as she was a bit of a slag in her days, she has quite a few!

Basically she knew what she wanted (cock) and she did all she could to get it!

Years ago she went for a midweek date in Edinburgh with a guy she’d met in a club.

The two of them were getting along fine but there was a problem. She fancied another guy at the bar.

This other guy was a workie out with some of his pals after a shift, all wearing overalls.

My wife and the workie kept making eyes at each other and it was clear there was a physical reaction. My wife has massive tits and had them on show for her date but t now wanted the other guy to see them!

It was getting late so she had a plan. She told her date she had ti go home as she had work in the morning so theI agreed to leave the pub.

My wife walked her date to the bus stop and waited until he got his bus. Once he was in it she went back to the pub where the workie was!

She went to the bar, got herself a drink and waited. It wasn’t long before the workie left his mates and joined her.

They got talking, he bought her some drinks and she kept pulling him up for staring at her tits!

He apologised but she told him not to be daft and that she was only pulling his leg. He then asked if she fancied pulling something else back at his!

Before she knew it she was back at his and they were getting down to him. He lived near her work in a flat by himself.

She said he had a decent cock, quite big but not too think (she loves girth!)

He spent ages getting a tit ride but both weee quite drunk so it wasn’t as satisfying as they both hoed and wanted.

It was hen my wife had an idea.

She was working the next day so she could pop round on her lunch if he didn’t mind. He told her he was up for it!

So at lunch she left her work, went round and knock on his door. He was standing in a bloairbof trackie bottoms and a t-shirt.

They had the hangover horn but were far more into things this time. He led her through to the living room and they started fucking around.

She was sitting on his sofa and she pulled his bottoms down. He didn’t have any boxers on and his cock sprang out. She started to suck it and he slapped it against her face until it was rock hard.

Aware of how little time they had he laid her down on the sofa and stripped uk self naked. Instead of stripping my wife naked he rolled down her tights and pants and mounted her. She worked in a bank so she had a uniform on.

He fucked her with his big cock really fast and hard. He was naked and she was fully clothed apart from her pants and tights round her ankles. She thinks she still had her shoes on!

It wasn’t long before he came inside her but as he pulled out his cock sprayed cum all over the place, including her skirt!

She was in so much of a hurry she couldn’t really clean it up so hurried back to work where she showed people the eveidencebof what she had been doing st lunchtime!

She had a reputation for being a slag and this went some way to strengthen it!

I hope you enjoy it. If so let me know as I have dozens of other real life stories to tell.

I’m away to take care of the semi I know have!