Written by D&A

26 May 2019

Thought you might be interested in how my wife, Alice, and I somewhat accidentally got in to this scene. I wouldn’t say we are full-blooded swingers, but we do take the occasional extra partners, more Alice than me. We married in our mid/late twenties, and both had a number of prior relationships. We then decided to spend a couple of years working overseas, partly for the experience, partly to build up a deposit for property. We made a wide group of friends, but all within the expat community. Alice is more outgoing than I am, and soon had a group of girlfriends, all married or with partners but they arranged most of the social gatherings. One was a stunning South African lawyer, Beth, who somewhere along the way had picked up a Dutch partner, Alex. He was tall and athletic but a bit odd and you did wonder why Beth stuck with him, but they did throw great parties, so we were all happy.

On one occasion there was the usual BBQ and plenty of booze. They had a bungalow that was one of a number around a large shared pool, so everyone was invited. I got roped in to helping with the BBQ, so never really had a chance to drink much, but the girls seems to be on a drinking spree, albeit they were all in their swim wear. Alice was in a white bikini with a short silk warp around her waist. In the late afternoon I started clearing some of the BBQ – there was a lot of unopened beer just heating up in the sun, so Beth told me to put it in their utility room in their bungalow which was in the row behind. I had been there many times before so knew where to find the utility room which also had a large fridge, and so I filled it with the remaining bottles & cans.

Just as I was about to return, I could hear Alex’s voice outside. I didn’t really want to get stuck in a conversation with him, so thought I would just stay where I was and wait for him to move on. That didn’t happen, instead I heard the sliding doors open and then could hear Alice’s voice. The utility room had no windows, and as I had switched the lights off to leave, it was dark in contrast to the rest of the bungalow that was very bright from the sun and large windows. Alice wanted to use the bathroom, so I waited in the dark hoping they would then leave.

Shortly afterwards I hear the toilet flush, then I could hear Alice and Alex playfully wrestling in the middle of the lounge, so I moved slightly so I could see them more fully. She was a bit pissed, loud and Alex started to very obviously stare at her boobs in her bikini. Alice is petite (5’2”), at the time had shoulder length light brown hair, but her 30 DD breasts given her small stature, always looked terrific. Alice had her back to me, but then stunned me by reaching behind her back, unclipping her top and letting her breasts fall free. She said somewhat drunkenly, but loudly, “is that what you wanted to see ?”. I couldn’t see everything in detail, but it was clear Alex then started to fondle her breasts. I was totally shocked, but thought it just a boob flash,

Alice was a bit of a tease in that respect, so where’s the harm. However, they soon started to kiss and shortly afterwards, Alice’s hands moved in front of her, to Alex’s crotch and the next moment his trunks fell to his ankles. There was a couple of minutes of fumbling, then Alice’s arms started moving in a rhythm indicating she was wanking him while he was still playing with her breasts. I thought this would stop quickly as she sobered up, but they continued and I just assumed she would bring him off. At this point I am totally confused as to what to do, but the fact I had an erection persuaded me to do nothing. However, Alex suddenly picked Alice up and walked in to another room off the corridor.

I walked out wondering if now was the time to make a noise and stop the whole drunken antics, but was still in shock and also massively turned on. I walked partly down the corridor but could see in to a bedroom, and the bottom half of a bed and their feet. They were lying on the bed facing one another and as I very slowly inched further, I could see more of their bodies. Alice’s back was towards me, but I could see her hand around Alex’s cock and she was slowly moving it up and down. His cock was rigid hard, with a big red head disappearing in and out of his fleshy foreskin as Alice’s hand moved up and down his shaft. He was much bigger and thicker than me, and sarcastically it went through my head that this is what attracted Beth to him ! They must have been kissing as there was no talking at this point between them. Alex had one hand between both of them, and I assumed he was caressing Alice’s pussy. He tried a number of times to pull her bikini bottoms off, but Alice’s free hand would appear and brush his hand away with a soft “no !”. He did then get his hand inside her white bikini bottoms from the back and then started to finger her from behind. I was pleased she wasn’t letting him take it any further. Then Alice started moving her legs wider apart, and Alex started to really work his fingers in her pussy, under her bikini bottoms. All of a sudden, Alice arched her back and pulled the bikini bottoms down herself. I was stunned. Her “pale bits” really stuck out from her lightly tanned body, as did her dark brown bush against her white bits.

It immediately sunk in that she now was going to let Alex fuck her. Alex didn’t waste any time. I saw his huge frame move over, and one leg rest between Alice’s legs. Then he lifted himself up, his cock stiff as a pole and his balls loosely bouncing, and Alice spread her legs wide. He was huge above her small frame, and his legs were almost off the bottom of the bed. He managed to get his other leg over now and was poised between Alice’s spread legs, making the access to her pussy look so vulnerable. It was actually Alice’s hands that reached out to his cock, and guided it to her pussy lips, and only then did it occur to me that they hadn’t even thought of a condom, albeit Alice was on the pill. I could hear Alice groan loudly as he slowly pushed in.

It was now far too late to do anything, so I just watched as he pushed more and more of his meat in to my wife. He wasn’t at all gentle and started banging in and out whilst Alice shouted at him to slow down. This only seemed to make him go faster and deeper and all I could hear was his grunts, Alice’s loud gasping in time with the creaking bed and the slapping of their bodies. This barely lasted two minutes when Alex gave some deep, long thrusts and was clearly pumping cum high in to Alice’s womb whilst her gasps became almost shrieks. I decided to leg it at that point, quickly but quietly out the back kitchen door. I returned to the main party got myself a beer and sat with the group, although wasn’t able to join the conversation as I was so fixated on what I had seen.

About 15 minutes later, Alex appeared looking exactly as he always did, calm not really joining in but hovering around somewhat aloof. I didn’t know what to do, whether to confront him or even start quizzing him as to where he had been. About 10 minutes after that, Alice appeared looking harassed, with a frown and looking about ready to explode. It wasn’t long before she was making noises about going home, which I was now happy to oblige but again, her mood was such that I didn’t want to raise the topic in the car. Believe it or not, it crossed my mind to tell Beth hoping she might let me fuck her as revenge ! Alice always had a short bath before bed and that night was no different. When in bed I started cuddling then fondling her. She kept pushing me away. When I did get to touch her pussy, her lips were very hot, still puffy and her pussy was open. Eventually she firmly said no and I left it at that. Neither of us slept well that night.

The following day, Alice was again very quiet. I didn’t want this to continue so bravely said I had seen her go in to Beth & Alex’s bungalow with Alex. I was expecting the “bathroom excuse” but instead Alice burst in to tears and told me she had made a terrible mistake. She said she was drunk and one of the girls had told her that Alex was known for playing the field and was reputed to be well hung. Apparently Beth knew this and didn’t care as Alex was not in her long term plans (hence my idea of getting her in to bed by telling her may have spectacularly back-fired) as did most of our circle of friends. She told me all the talk made her extremely horny, and she really just wanted to just have a bit of fun to satisfy her lust, and had no intention of taking it as far as they did. Alice said the sex was awful. She wasn’t fully aroused and Alex had ploughed in and out without any care for the fact she was initially in quite a bit of discomfort accommodating his erection, and then in increasing amounts of pain from the thrusting. I asked if he had cum in her (somewhat knowing the answer) to which she was quite frank, indicating that he had cum inside but that immediately after she had cleaned herself and again when we got home.

I now had a really hard erection and took Alice by the hand to our bed. I pushed her back on the bed, pulled her pants off and then with the rest of her clothes still on, penetrated her and had a hard, selfish fuck. I could feel she was slightly looser but it didn’t stop me cumming copious amounts in her pussy. After, we lay in one another’s arms, until I started to stir again. Without asking, I just rolled Alice on to her front, raised her hips so her bum stuck up in the air, and then mounted her, fucking her loose pussy as hard as I could until I again pumped my cum as high as I could.

We later spoke openly about our genuine belief that we could separate our lustful feelings of others, with our deep love for one another. We then agreed that when we returned to the UK, we would commence a trial period of being able to enjoy the company of other singles, on the basis we kept to a number of defined rules. We have since had some wonderful experiences with a very small handful of partners, more for Alice than me. Each has heightened our sex lives, but not threatened our deep bond, albeit the rules we employ are quite strict.