Written by Threesome Zlover

18 Dec 2011

After the first threesome with our male friend. A few months passed. He came over and we went out for a meal together to chat and catch up on our 'Lads Night Out' . A few hours later S arrived to pick us up in the car and she had a drink before we left. Everything was relaxed and normal no sex chat just ordinary conversation between friends. As we got home she got some drink as was say next to him on the leather sofa. There was a normal space between them. I sat on the floor and during conversation watched for any sign that there may be more threesome fun happening. Nothing! So as I was feeling tired I said ok I'm going to clear our glasses away and head off to bed. J said "Yes, it getting late.". As I was turning away from putting our glasses on the kitchen work top, I was aware my wife had entered the kitchen. She put something on a work top then moved towards me. Putting her arms around my neck she kissed me on the mouth. Moved to my neck nuzzling me, I heard her say softly and gently. "Would you like another Threesome with J?".

I said, "Only if you want too!". I had explained that after our first threesome, it only worked if she wanted to do it. If she only did it to please me it was a bad idea. She told me she wanted it too. He was in our spare room at this point. After we got to our bedroom and I was about to get into bed I said to her, "As you suggested it I think you should go and get him!"

She walked completely naked to his bedroom and the next thing I knew he was following her into our bedroom. To be truthful I cannot remember the details of the second session. It was lots of us fucking her and her sucking us. As one would cum in her ( he like I had had the snip). He would be replaced by the other. She would take the wet and just fucked cock in her mouth to restore hardness to ensure we both fucked her until we all had cum sufficiently.

The third session took place a number of months later. We had established some ground rules. He was not to text or ring her and under no circumstances try anything behind my back. I had become a little uneasy with him kissing her so I asked her not to kiss him.

I can remember the third time of threesome sex much more clearly. We had all gone out for dinner. She was getting ready in our bedroom as I came in from work. Freshly showered, pussy trimmed, legs shaved. As she often asked me when about to dress to go out, her usual phrase of,

"Tits out or See Through?". This meant either a low cut, unbuttoned or unzipped top, blouse or dress upper part. With a cleavage enhancing bra that barely contained her breasts as they were pushed up, out and almost spilling out of the bra cup. A slight peak of aureole over the bra cup was not unusual. Or a white, transparent, chiffon type top or blouse without a bra. She is a lovely pert 34B with beautiful nipples that are definitely worth showing off. I suggested she wear a black lace top and one of her clever bras that gave her a magnificent cleavage. Once we got home if the mood took her she could take her bra off and let J see her nipples showing through the top. I suggested it as z sign she wanted another threesome if in the mood. In addition to the sexy black lace top. She wore z black loose fitting knee length skirt. Black seamed stockings and black lace thong with spikes high heels. We travelled in our friiend's car. Had a drink, dinner and came home. As I went into the kitchen for drinks, she said she needed the loo. Off she went to use the en suite in our bedroom. I returned with drinks and sat next to our friend on the sofa chatting. She came into the lounge. She had removed her cardigan and bra. From her top half , her erect nipplest clearly showing through the black lace. As she sat in a cushion on the floor her skirt slid up her thighs giving a good long look at her stocking tops ! Our friend J have my a glance and rolled his eyes! We chatted and sipped our drinks. The conversation was about to head onto sex when S said she felt x little nauseas. She had eaten a pasta meal and the sauce was a little too creamy and rich. She said she wanted to lie down and do the evening was suddenly curtailed. He went to his room we went to our bedroom. She undressed removed her make- up and got into bed. She was soon asleep. She woke about an hour and wanted sex with just me. Next morning I got up made dome tea. J and I were sat sipping tea watching Fashion TV and talking about the various sexy outfits the models were showing off. I was in a pair of Ron Hill jogging pants and running vest ( was going to go for a run) he was sat in just his white Calvin Klein boxers with Lycra that emphasised his flaccid but clearly huge girthed, thick cock. He had an open shirt on his upper torso. S walked in and sat opposite. She poured a mug of tea a sat opposite dipping it wearing a grey wraparound Valletta top and black linen trousers. I had noticed her occasionally glance at his crotch. She said she was going for a shower. She returned shortly after having a shower with the black lace see through top on and black linen trousers. She sat on my knee kissed me in a long lingering brace took my hand and said come on! Whilst looking at J too. We got on the bed either side of her kissing her shoulders and peeling down her thin straps on the top. I paid attention to one breast/ nipple he did the other. She later told me she found this a massive turn on. I moved down her body after she had spent a short time sucking and licking my cock whiles stroking/wanking his thick shaft!

I then lay between the thighs tonguing, sucking and kissing her pussy. Watching her such this massive thick cock. We took turns to fuck her over and over again. I will bring this up to date with the latest development very soon.