Written by maninblack77

15 Jul 2019

Before we had our kids, my wife and I often went on short holidays and city breaks. We had spoken about our sexual fantasies to each other but, both being a bit shy, hadn't fufilled any of them yet. My wife, who says she doesn't fancy women. never the less, has a fantasy about a dominating woman, using her for her own sexual gratification. This one time it actually happened. We were in Edinburgh, staying in a hotel on the Royal mile, we were in the bar and had been having a few drinks, which always helped make my wife feel more sexy and daring. We had noticed a lady staring over at us, she was a few years older than us, but had a very nice body on her, she was wearing a jacket and skirt which made us think she was a businesswoman, my wife was joking that I had an admirer and was sneakily rubbing my cock over my trousers saying 'maybe she could be our first threesome', I could tell my wife was getting randy thinking about it. I had to go back to the room for something and when I got back the woman was sitting next to my wife and had bought her a drink. My wife had a big smile on her face and as I sat down she said 'this is Karen, she owns an estate agency' We shook hands and Karen said 'Look im not one to beat around the bush, I came over to say that I think your wife is extremely sexy and I think your a very lucky man' My wife was looking very hot, she had on a short denim skirt, white blouse, high heels and (I knew) white lacy bra and panties. I answered 'I know she is and I am lucky'. We continued talking for a short while and had more drinks, Karen kept the compliments about my wife coming and it was obvious she fancied her, I could tell that my wife was really horny and a couple of glances between us made me know that she was up for anything. Suddenly Karen stood up 'I need the toilet' she said then turned to my wife 'come with me, girls always got to the toilet in pairs' my wife got up and smiled at me, the ordering about was obviously turning her on. She told me later what happened. They entered the toilet, which was empty, and Karen took my wife's hand and led her to the furthest away cubicle, they went in and Karen immediately started to kiss my wife and run her hands all over her body. All the time Karen told my wife in a firm voice what she was going to do to her and what she wanted my wife to do, this was turning my wife on even more, she was soaking wet. Karen ordered her to open her blouse and lift up her bra, which she did, Karen then sucked on her (36C) breasts saying how nice and firm they were, she then sat on the toilet seat and told my wife to lift up her skirt and take down her panties so she could kiss and finger fuck her pussy, my wife quickly did as she was told, it didn't take much to bring her to orgasm, Karen then stood up and ordered my wife to lift her skirt and pull down her panties and lick her clit, my wife who was still giddy from coming sat on the toilet seat and did as she was told, she said ' I've never done anything with a woman before' So Karen told her what to do, my wife said her pussy was fully shaved and it smelled quite nice. Karen came quite quickly too, My wife was then ordered to turn round so Karen could see and feel her 'sexy arse'. They then tidied themselves up, then came back to where I was sitting. Karen leaned over me and said' I was right your wife is a very sexy woman' she smiled at us and left. We raced upstairs to our room and I was told what happened in between my cock being stroked and sucked on, when I finally entered my wife her pussy was the wettest I had ever felt. This emboldened us to take any later opportunities, which I might tell you about