Written by Toastie15

24 Jan 2012

Ann decided to mount me giving me a lovely view of her tits as she rode me and at the same time rubbed her hardening clit. She soon cum and I could feel he pussy pulsating on my cock, I quickly got up and bent her over the couch and begun pounding her from behind. My cock was the hardest it has been in years which could have been down to the Viagra of the fact my cock was in the first different pussy since I met the wife years ago. I got quicker as my orgasm built before I filled up Ann’s pussy with my hot cum trying to empty every last drop inside her.

My wife had been wanking Scotts and Js cocks while this was happening bringing them back to life, but came over to Ann and asked her to lay down. She then began licking Ann’s pussy lapping at her clit and my spunk running out of her hole. Scott began fucking my wife again from behind as J positioned himself so he could get his tongue on my wife’s clit. Ann quickly came again and my wife gave me a long lingering kiss so I could taste my cum mixed in with Ann’s.

Scott was fucking my wife hard now and with the attention to her clit she quickly came before getting on her knees in front of Scott and J and demanded they wank over her tits and face. They duly began stroking their cocks before exploding a surprising amount of cum on my wife.

She then told me to fuck her again as she wanted more cum in her pussy so Ann began her magic again with her tongue getting me back to life. It took a little longer this time but as soon as I was hard I mounted my wife to feel her wet and warm pussy around my cock. Scott and J began taking care of Ann while I fucked my wife before emptying my load into her.

My wife had cum all over her face and tits and had loads oozing out of her arse and pussy. We had all been fucking for hours so all cleaned up and went to our respective rooms. I quickly fell asleep but was woken in the early hours by my cock being licked and the sound of sex. Ann was licking my cock and my wife was nowhere to be seen, but I could hear her being fucked.

Ann led me to the shower room which led me to see my wife lying on the floor being fucked by Scott. It turns out he is moving abroad and this would be the last we see of him, so my wife wanted to fuck him one more time. As he emptied his load into my wife’s pussy again he moved down to lick all his cum out of her making her cum, before snowballing his cum into her mouth with a kiss.

Ann had got some lube and bent over demanding I fuck her up the arse which didn’t take me long to empty my load inside her. After I had finished she went to find J and have some fun with him. My wife had said goodbye to Scott and returned to me after I had showered. This wasn’t the end of the day though as went spent some more time with Ann as J had to go out.