Written by Drifter1962

4 Aug 2010

Over the years I have read several stories on this site and others about what is commonly termed "watersports", something that although may sound okay in the heat of passion, has never really done anything for me just reading. In fact during sex with my wife I have never really entertained the idea. However I have recently been introduced to it by a new work colleague of my wife and although in the cold light of day I'm still unsure about whether I like it or not, at the time it was amazing.

My wife and I are both in our mid-late forties and have a great sex life, but it hasn't stopped me having the odd extra-marital shag at times.

A few months back we went out for a meal with a couple of people from my wife's work place, one of whom was a 51 year old woman named Kathryn. She is a divorcee with 3 grown up children. I got on with her from the off and even on that first night she flirted with me outrageously. She has a great bust (38F) and with the top 3 buttons of her blouse undone, there was plenty of plump tit flesh on view. She also used a lot of innuendo on that night and at one point seemed to be stroking the bottle of wine just a bit too much, with eyes full of lust. When we got home that night, my wife mentioned that Kath was a bit over the top and that "she needed keeping an eye on" but it hasn't stopped us spending social time with her.

Since then, Kath has made it 100% clear that she wanted sex, not by actually saying anything, but by her actions and the way she looks at me. In fact the only reason it has taken so long is opportunity.

That came when my wife went off for the weekend to visit our daughter who lives in Bristol. I was home alone, when the doorbell went. I opened the door to find Kath standing on the doorstep brandishing a bottle of white wine.

"Thought you might be lonely and need a drinking partner," she said.

I smiled and let her in, instantly feeling my cock twitch.

She was dressed in jeans and a white T-Shirt with her white lacy bra standing out from beneath it.

I fetched some glasses and we opened the wine and took a drink each, neither of us saying anything though we both knew what was about to happen.

Again without a word, Kath plonked her glass down on the coffee table, siddled across the sofa towards me, her eyes half closed, her lips fully open and kissed me. The kiss evolved into a full on snog, tongues entwined and low moans escaping from within her. My right hand found her left breast and I felt her soft flesh give way to my hand as I kneaded it.

She then stood up, took my hand and softly said "Let's go to bed."

In the bedroom Kath stripped off completely, her T Shirt came off first followed by her jeans, then she unclasped her bra, letting loose the biggest pair of tits I have ever witnessed in the flesh, then she removed her white panties, so I could see her well trimmed bush. I followed suit and joined her on the bed. For the next half an hour, the sex was pretty routine really, I explored her body, first with my hands and fingers and then with my mouth and she did the same to me. I made her cum using my fingers and tongue and she sucked my cock until I shot my cum into her mouth. The sex was passionate and she was quite wild and for our first fuck she wanted to ride me and the sight of her bucking up and down with those huge tits jigging up and down will always be imprinted on my mind.

It was during a lull after I had fucked her from behind that Kath decided to treat me to a mouthful of her pee. We were just cuddling and kissing softly and after cumming twice, once in her mouth and once up her cunt, I wasn't sure that I would manage much else.

Kath sat up and said "Come with me" and as she grabbed my hand I simply followed.

We left the bedroom and she took me into the bathroom and I presumed we were going to have a shower together but instead Kath plonked herself down on the toilet.

"I want you to lay down, with your head next to the loo," she said.

I wasn't going to argue with this amazing woman, so did as she said with my feet pointing towards the door and my head between her feet.

"Just stay there darling, please," she said.

From where I was I was looking up her legs towards her cunt.

For a few seconds nothing happened and then there was a slight tinkle of water hitting water. Kath then stood up and shifted forward, then squatted again and released a little bit of pee onto my face. The warm liquid ran down my nose across my cheek and into my hair, the feel and smell of it highly arousing at that time.

"Is that nice?" she asked.

"Different" I said.

"Do you want a bit more?"


Kath again let go the hold on her bladder and a bigger squirt of piss landed full on my face, and my nose and cheeks and chin were covered.

"Lick," she said looking down at me.

I presumed she meant the pee and so I stuck my tongue out and licked around my mouth, dragging quite a bit of Kath's piss into my mouth. It wasn't as unpleasant as I had imagined and as a couple of drops dripped from her pussy, I gladly caught them in my mouth.

"More?" she asked.

"Lots" I said.

"Open wide then darling,"

I opened my mouth and Kath squatted lower positioning herself over my mouth. Her next stream of pee went straight in and I had to gulp quickly before turning my head to one-side to avoid drowning. Kath's piss seemed to go on for ever and as it tailed off I turned back to look up to catch the last few dregs. By this time I was as wet as if I had been in a shower. She sat back down on the toilet and I got up and knelt in front of her. The floor was covered in piss and I was filthy but my cock was standing out as proud as ever, the whole experience had been so dirty and erotic, no man could fail to get turned on. I pulled Kath forward and licked her pussy clean, lapping up any residue. She then knelt on the floor and begged me to lick her arse. My wife loves anal and so I was happy to stick my tongue as far as it would go up Kath's back passage and as I did she kept referring to me as her toilet slave. The thought of licking Kath after every bathroom visit drove me insane at the time and for the first time in a long time I managed three loads of spunk in one night.

When Kath left I was racked with the usual guilt and even shuddered at the thought of what I had done, but since then she has phoned me twice, both times from her own bathroom and held the phone so I can hear her taking a piss and both times I have had to wank myself off furiously. She desperately wants another session and has said that she wants to start off in the bathroom this time and then fuck when we are both covered in each other's pee. As said in the cold light of day the thought probably does very little for most people, but I can't wait for the next time.