Written by 8791albertdock

24 Jul 2009

Whilst staying at a hotel spa in harrogate my wife and i visited the sauna and steam room, good too see both open to both sexes!! we were in the sauna for about five minutes when two older gentlemen entered. They were both in there seventies, we are both early 50's. i was sat at the opposite end of the room from my wife she was laid out on the top seats and moved to let the two chaps in, they said carry on laying out you look wonderful and will make our day!!! she had a black all in one swimsuit on, low cut and high legged so they could make out her 34c tits and her lovely arse was well on show as she had pulled it up her bottom when we came in. One chap asked me if i knew her, i said no, ohh nice he said and went straight over and fondled her arse as she was now face down with her arse open to his approach! I got up looked at her winked and left the sauna. When she joined me in the stam room she told me how they just used her without taking any notice if she tried to stop them!! she said they kept saying they all say that and you want it girly, as it turns out they are not wrong! she carried on saying they opened up her arse cheeks and took turns rimming her arse and sticking there fingers up her arse hole, slipping under into her wet pussy to fill her with as many fingers as they could. They got me up on all fours turned me around so my arse would be available to see by anyone coming in the sauna!! they then both fucked her hard, feeling her tits up and slapping her arse till they shot up over her back and over her costume. she said as they were wiping there cocks on her tits another friend of theirs came in and said wow what have we here!! he too took me and his cock was a lot bigger than the first two, she said 12" i didnt believe her until i saw him in the shower later that day, i knew then she had not lied!! she said he dominated her completely not allowing her any respect, slapped her face with his cock and held her throat whilst sticking his cock in her mouth. He held my legs apart and rubbed ny pussy hard and slapped it hard until i satrted to squirt as i came, he carried on and on until i begged him to stop and said i will do anything, anything pleases stop. What she agreed too.....to be continued. Neddless to say when she had told me about the sauna session i had to pull myself off as she was totally worn out and her pussy was completely wasted and swollen as i have never seen before.