Written by Mike

21 Jul 2009

I wanted to tell you about the incredible experience I've had this week. For a couple of years now I've been trying to encourage my wife, Susan to openly speak about sex with another man. During sex fantasies I've only ever managed to get her to pretent they are looking her up and down; she has beautiful small pert breasts with large pertruding nipples and a tight size 10 figure - shes 37 years old. Her keen running keeps her in excellent shape. She knows how well I pump her as she whisper's in my ear about the occasions she's been looked up and down, so from time to time she elaborates about being chatted up and men telling her what they'd like to do to her.

Anyway, she went to summer school last week. Before she went I broached the issue of other men whilst she was packing her bag in the morning. She'd just showered and was still naked as she packed. I think she was expecting me to tell her to be good and faithful. I was hard watching her and just blurted out:

"if you get chatted up and end up going further, I don't mind as long as you tell me". She was shocked, I could tell, and just mentioning it made me rock hard.

She replied:

"are you serious? What - snog him - give him a blow job?"

"anything you like" I replied. My cock was rock hard by now.

"you don't mean it. You'd go mad if I did" she said, coyly. I could tell she was thinking hard. She then questioned me "so what would you want me to do".

"the usual" I replied, and she knew what the usual was. My huge fantasy was to listen to her fucking someone on the phone whilst i wanked back home. By now I was holding her hips getting hugely excited. I dropped my trousers and slipped my cock in her from behind. "I really want you to do it - say you will" I said. I was pumping her hard "ah, ah, Okaaaayyy" she grunted - "I will". With that I shot my load deep and hard in her, calling her a slut and saying I loved it.

I dropped her at the station an hour later knowing what I'd encouraged but thought I'd hear no more about it.

On her third evening in the week she called me on the mobile. I was already in bed - it was 11.30 and I thought it was strange her calling so late.

"hiya sweetheart" I said.

"This is it Mike, she said. This is your chance. Do you really want me to do it?" My cock stood to attention immediately at just the idea.

"yes I think I do" I repled, grabbing my cock in my hand.

I heard her uttering quietly with a man in the background. I blurted "go on, go on".

I could hear clothing being removed and that unmistakable sound of knickers being removed. Some heavy breathing was following by smacking lips and gasping.

"Ah no - not yet" I heard her say

"are you ok?" I asked?

"Oh my god - he's doing it. He's inside me and he's fucking huge. aaahhh shiitt....."

I could hear pumping and squelching of hot pussy being mercilessly pumped.

"he's so young and strong - his cock's huge. He's been working on taking me for two nights and he's done it."

"you horny fucking slut" I said as I pulled my cock to climax. I could hear her groans and the unmistakable slapping of her arse cheeks against his thighs, as he used my wife whilst she held the phone close to the entry point to humiliate me at the sound of cock sliding in and out of her. She was calling out how she was going to do this twice a night for the rest of the week-I could hear him laughing as she said that. She went on to tell me how he was pinching her nipples whilst he fucked her pussy from behind. Her sex session lasted half an hour and ended with a good deep throat action to finish her young stud's cock off. I was shocked and humiliated but more turned on than I'd ever been. I think we've turned a corner and can't wait to take it further. I'll definately be there in person next time with my cock in her mouth as she screams wih cock in both ends....