26 Nov 2016

This occurred a few years ago when I was supplementing my work by driving a taxi. I had heard all kinds of stories about drivers getting up to all sorts but after driving for a few months thought these to be mostly peoples fantasies.

I was working on the taxi one weekend and the wife was going out with some of the girls from work, One of her mates Alyson was staying at ours rather than the long journey home (as she had on a few occasions). It was arranged that i would pick them up at 1.30am this I did and they had obviously had a good night, the wife had to be poured into the car she'd had far too much to drink. Anyway I dropped them home helped Alyson get her into the house and left, as I had a few more bookings to fulfill, I'd said i'd be back in an hour or so.

i finally finished just after 2.30 in the morning and got home just before 3 , the wife was sprawled across the bed fast asleep, i i stripped off but with a visitor in the house put a towel around myself before i and walked into the bathroom, prior to bed.

As I cam out of the bathroom I could see Alyson's door was ajar, she was awake, and she said hi, i went to ask if she was ok and had had a good night.

Alyson game me a blow by blow account of their evening, yes she had a few drinks but was no where near as pissed as the wife. It turns out some blokes and tried to hit on the wifes party and were plying them with drinks. Rachel (the wife) was flattered and took the drinks, Alyson was quick to point out that Rachel did no more than give one of the guys a peck on the cheek. Now Alyson is a very good looking late 30's woman and I had fantasized about her a few times but thought nothing of it. She was still clearly wide awake and buzzing from her night out so i just offered her a drink or a coffee before sleep. Alyson opted for a coffee, i went downstairs to put the kettle on and as I was sorting things Alyson walked into the kitchen. She like me had a towel wrapped around her.

" I forgot to put my night clothes in my bag" she said "so have borrowed your towels, I had intended to get something from Rachel to sleep in but she was in too much of a mess to do anything"

We sat for a short while chatting and i was asking about their night and these guys who hat hit on them.

Alyson was very reassuring by saying that the guys were just having fun and were good company but only one of the girls from work had paired off with them.

My mind was working overtime despite this innocent chat and being sat in our kitchen with a good looking woman who also only had a towel around her i was finding a turn on, and of course my cock although not large had started to wake up and a definate bulge had appeared in the towel I could see Alyson look but she finished here coffee and with a grin on her face went back to bed.

Stroll on another month and there was a leaving party at the wifes work, i was working again and Alyson had the spare room. I got in about 1am and once again Rachel was pissed, and sparked out in bed, same routine i stripped off put a towel around me and went to the bathroom, as I came out Alyson again asked if I had been busy. I went and chatted . Alyson sat up in bed and yes she had brought her nightclothes with her but they left very little to the imagination the thin skimpy top she had on left very little to the imagination and her large breasts were displayed fabulously, i couldn't help but stare.

She looked at me and said "what up with you, its not as if you havent seen me before. and last time i was here i had nothing on but that towel" I said "Alyson I have seen you plenty of times and yes with that towel on but even then you were completely covered." she laughed "oh yes but you got a bot excited that night didn't you"

"Alyson I am only human and you are a good looking woman, what's a man to do, and apart from a thin bit of material your boobs are on display and i can't help but look" as i was staring heer nipples became more pronounced and hard under her top. "it seems you like being looked at as well Alyson I said, your nipples give yourself up. she looked myein the eye smiled and reached out without saying a thing undid my towel and grabbed hold of my hardening cock. she wanked me to full hardness and like any man who was i to stop her, i went to try and get into her bed but she said no just stand there, she waned me until i was about to cum and just before i did put her mouth around my cock and let me cum into her. She rolled the cum around her toungue and swallowed. "thats all for tonight" she said as Rachel may wake up, "at least you won;t go to bed horny"

The following morning nothing was said and everything was as normal, Rachel didnt suspect anything and Alyson was her usual friendly self. As Aly left she whispered to me that her number was now in my phone and I was to ring her in the week. I did and boy was that worth it.