Written by Toshat

4 Aug 2010

Like a lot of people nowadays my wife has a hairdresser who calls at our home to cut hair and beauty services.

Sharon, the hairdresser, is 32 and has an impressive bust, always dressed smart in a tight tunic type top. In the winter you know when it's a cold day, if you get my drift!!

About 3 weeks ago I was moving furniture around up stairs and pulled my back. Hobbled around for a few days and when Sharon was cutting our hair she commented on how I was struggling to get around and enquired as to the problem. My wife explained and Sharon said she may be able to help. Although she was not yet qualified she was studying massage and perhaps if she called back later she could massage my back. She was looking for people to practice on and she would not charge. I was not so sure but the wife said yes she could try as I had done nothing but moan for days and this might help.

Later on she called back, just as my wife was going off into town for a coffee afternoon with her pals. She called in to say Sharon is here - see you later.

Sharon came in and said "well where's the bed then" "it's best if you lie flat and I can manouver around a bed with ease"

"Go and get a shower and I'll get set up"

I did as told and then got dressed and went back in.

"Oh Steve, it's no good being dressed hun, get the t shirt off and then I can start"

Doing as told I then lay on the bed and Sharon started to massage my back.

" You have pulled this Steve, I need to get some movement back.Do us a favour, well before I ask, do you have boxers on? Well slip your jeans off it will allow me to get to your lower back"

She carried on rubbing and kneading, her hands occasionaly slipping under the boxers.

"lift up hun I'm going to slip the boxers down a bit to see if this helps"

I knew I was getting a hard on, but I allowed her to slip them off all together. She carried on and slipped her hand under my balls then back to my back.

"Tell you what Steve your house is warm, I'm going to take my tunic off if your ok with that I'm to hot"

Who was I to object!!

"Now I want you to turn over in a minute and I'll do your tum. I'll put this towel over your waist so that your modesty is preserved"

I turned over and she started on my tum as she refered to it. I was greeted with this busty blonde, tits encased in a classy lace bra, nipples protruding through the lace.

I must have moaned in agreement with the view.

" I can tell you like them Steve" With that the towel was off and she was cupping my balls and wanking my cock. "Steve I hav oil on my hands, but you can undo the clasp on my bra if you like. " No second asking I had the bra off and her 36DD's where out.

"Thats it Steve you just relax let me de tension you" She the wrapped her tits around my cock and tit wanked me. Suddenly stopping.

" Steve I have an idea, where is Dianes tissue draw? a bit confused I explained and she said she needed to wipe the excess oil of her hands and disappeared.

She came back after a while and when I looked she was in my wifes stockings and g string

"You Like? well I'm going to fuck you big boy"

She did and wow what a day. More to follow