Written by lovemewife

25 Jan 2017

This is a true story that happened in the summer last year,my wife is Russian and each year she go's back to visit her family anyway she is blonde 5ft 6in tall 36c tits nice arse and loves sex and can realy suck cock.she stays there about 8 weeks . we speak on the phone every night and text in the day,we have a understanding that I love her to get fucked and then telling me all the details,when she is there she always gets a good fucking , this one day she was in town when she met a old boyfriend they went for a coffee to catch up on there lives she had told me before about him that he used to pay her to fuck his clients he is a builder with his own buiseness , Russian men always get things done by looking after there clients oneway or another it turns out that he wanted her to look after another one this week, she texted me what to do i replied do it,she told him that she would do it , he told her that he would pay her $500 for the night, it was summer so very hot nights he told her that he would pick her up at 8, ok she text me what did i think i was wanking saying good girl I knowyou will give it your all. Well he came to pick her up at 8 she was ready she was wearing a short dress no bra or pants as she got in the car he said I see your ready after seeing her shaven cunt , she replied you want the contract dont you of coarse was the answer lets go, the went to a hotel in town on the top floor was a small casino the man was there playing cards her boyfriend took her to the bar got them both a drink my wife sat on a stool oposite the client he was looking at her as she crossed her legs he saw he charms, he finished playing and came across to meet her after the small talk he told her that it was a nice night did she want to go for a drive she agreed they left and went to the car park he opened the door of his BMW she gave him a good look at her cunt he climbed in and started driving being an automatic his hand went striaght to her legs and up to the top his fingers went in she had started to undo his fly and pulled out a massive hard cock she rubbed it then got to start to suck it whilst he drove they went to his house very big electric gates she rose off his cock and asked where his wife was she was out of town so they would be alone, they went in he told her to get her dress off and just walk around in her heels.he got stripped off and made her get on her knees and suck his cock again she told him not to cum as she wanted his spunk inside her he then said lets go in the sitting room to a leather 3 piece he then got her on her back and started to get his huge cock in her he fucked her for about 25 mins she came 3 times before he did he pulled out she was dripping he showed her to the bathroom to get showered he open a bottle of champange and poured it on her tits and started to lick it of then poured some on his cock she got down on it licking it she said it tasted great his and her cum with champange he pushed her foward and then started to fuck her doggy style he came quicker this time as she was making more noise this time again she took a shower and he did also . he asked her if she would like go or stay the night she the later, they went to bed but didnt get much sleep he was fingering her sucking her tits then making her suck his cock he then went down on her she said that he was very good with his tonge and made her cum again and again her cunt was red raw in the morning he drove her home and thanked her and asked her if she would like to go for a meal one night she said that she would he then got out his wallet and gave her $1000 and told her she was the best fuck he had ever had and that her husband was very lucky .I will tell you about the meal if you lick this one