Written by M

10 Oct 2008

I have posted on here quite a lot over the last year or so, all of which are 100% true. We are a happy married couple who have recently found a new lease of life. We are not hardened swingers in the sense, we don\'t go to clubs or advertise for people. We live our normal life and see what genuine opportunities present themselves. We find this much more of a turn on. This new look towards sex has seen my wife having 13 new lovers in the past 14 months or so. I recently posted on here about us having our first full swap with some friends. It was a spontaneous thing that has not repeated itself. Much to my disappointment. My wife R is 29 and quite a curvy girl. About a size 14 - 16 but the curves are in the right place. She has huge tits that are very pert. I am 31.

We have just arrived back from a family holiday in Tenerefe, we went with our 2 children and my wife R parents. Whilst we were there we all had a good time. We hired 2 apartments on the same complex and we were staying for 2 weeks. The weather was hot and the apartments were nice. During the second week my in laws suggested me and R have a night out together without the kids. They agreed we would all go for a meal. After they would return with the children so we could hit a few bars and have a great night. Something we rarely get to do at home with having the kids. We agreed. They then suggested they take the children back to their apartment to sleep as all the apartments had double sofa beds. This meant they wouldn\'t have to wait up for us and we wouldn\'t disturb the children.

We went for the meal, R decided she wanted to go back with her parents to help settle the children and to get changed into something a bit more suitable for the bars and clubs. We headed back. After R got the children into bed we went to our apartment to change. I went into the bathroom. When I came out R had changed into a black short skirt, white vest top and a pair of strappy high heeled sandals. Her only under ware was a black thong. She had taken her bra off and her tits looked great. We headed out into the town for a few beers. We visited various bars and we were soon quite tipsy. Whilst dancing I knew that R was getting turned on. i had seen it many times, I left the dance floor to go get us some more drinks. On my return I saw her dancing with a bloke. He was about our age and quite good looking. I felt my cock hardening as I thought back of the other people she had fucked recently and i realised if I played it right she would have another. I decided to sit at a table and wait for her. After a while she looked round and saw me. She came over and the bloke followed her. She introduced him, he was called James. He seemed very embarrassed as he didn\'t know we were married. He seemed very uncomfortable. We just laughed it off and told him not to worry. They had only danced after all. We all chatted for a ages. James realised he\'d lost his mates as they had all obviously left the club. We invited him to stay with us and have another drink. After a while we were all well on the way. R decided she wanted to leave, so we all left the bar.

When we got outside R decided she didn\'t want to walk home and wanted to get a taxi. It was about a 10 minute walk. When we managed to flag a taxi R got in the back. I automatically got in the front. R asked James where he was heading, turned out his apartment complex was only a few minutes walk from ours. So he jumped in the back with R. Once the car set off things changed. All of us went quiet. I closed my eyes for a few minutes. I quickly opened them when I could hear noises coming from the back. As to not scare them I looked through the reflection in the car window. I could see R had lent over to James and they had started kissing. He was responding but seemed unsure as he was keeping his hands to himself. R grabbed his hand and placed it between her legs. He then started rubbing her fanny. She was rubbing his cock through his jeans. I heard her gasp slightly and I knew he had put his fingers up her. I was rock hard and loving the thought of watching her get fucked. The taxi driver kept having a sly look too. When the car stopped at the complex, James suggested we go back to his instead. We agreed as we didn\'t fancy the in laws seeing anything. We jumped out and walked for a few minutes to the other complex.

We were soon inside James apartment. There were 2 bedrooms and R took him into the first one as the door was open. I followed her in. They were kissing passionately and she soon had his top off. She was kissing his chest. There were 2 single beds so I sat on one to watch. R went down and undid his trousers. She pulled them to the floor, grabbing his boxers at the same time. His cock sprung out. It was very impressive. probably the biggest she\'s had. It was about 9inch and very thick. She wasted not time and started sucking on it. Whilst she was on her knees he reached down and took off her top. Her tits fell free. He was roughly grabbing them whilst she sucked him off. He pulled her back up and pushed her on the bed. She was laid flat and he got between her legs and pushed her skirt up. He grabbed her thong and pulled it to one side and buried his face up her. He was eating her out and rubbing her clit. Didn\'t take long and she started to cum. She gripped the bed and cum loudly. She was shuddering and crying as he lapped at her hole. She started to calm down. He stood up and grabbed her thong. He pulled it down her legs. She lifted her bum to make it easy for him. Once her knickers were off her legs flopped apart. She just laid there ready to receive him. I saw him offer is cock up to her opening. He pushed it in stretching her hole. She groaned loudly. I asked what about condoms. Neither of them were listening. By now he was in her to the balls. She clung to him. He started fucking her, slowly at first but it soon become rough. He was slamming into her. She just gripped the headboard kept her legs open and took it. She cried and cum constantly as he fucked her. This went on for around 30 minutes. I shed my clothes and was wanking watching my wife get fucked. James then started to cum, he groaned as he filled her with spunk. She clung to him as another orgasm ripped through her. After they had both cum they laid together for a while kissing. He pulled out eventually and I saw a large amount of spunk run out of her. James walked out of the room. R told me it was my turn. I wasted no time in jumping on her. I pushed my cock up her, she was soaking and felt very loose. I fucked her hard and we both cum very quickly. I added my spunk to James\'s. After a while I went out to find James. R was laid on the bed dozing. He was in the shower. I started to get cleaned up in the sink. We talked for a while when we suddenly heard bumping and moaning from the bedroom where R was. I looked confused but James informed me the other room was occupied by Craig, his mate. We both left the bathroom quickly and went back in. Sure enough Craig was on top of R fucking her. He fucked her very hard and again they both cum quickly. R opened her eyes and smiled. Craig stood up and I saw the 3rd lot of spunk run from her. He seemed embarrassed and left the room quickly. R decided she wanted to leave. She slowly dressed and we thanked James and left. We arrived back at our apartment around 4am.

A few days later we were all on the beach. R saw James. He discreetly waved to her. She made an excuse about going back to our apartment for a headache tablet. She left the beach. I knew she was going off to speak to James. I was sat on beach with my children and the in laws thinking what is she doing. She returned 30 minutes later. She kissed me and sat down next to me. When we arrived back from the beach a couple of hours later the children went to bed for an hour. Whilst they were asleep I made a move on R. We were kissing and I pulled her Bikini bottoms off. The gusset was soaking and she had cum on her pubes, I asked her if her had fucked James whilst I was on the beach. She admitted she had. I fucked her roughly and we both cum quickly. We never saw James again but it was definitely the highlight of the holiday.