Written by husband

7 Jan 2011

We went out over the Christmas period and my wife had a very good time.

Having children and work and not much time in our busy lives we haven’t been out for ages. So when we did get to go out we made the most of it.

The idea was to spend the night in a hotel to get away from things for a night and enjoy some quiet time together. When we got to the hotel we unpacked and went to town. We went shopping and she bought a really sexy tight satin dress. Very short ( she wouldn’t want to bend over to pick up anything ) and very tight black and purple shoulder less dress showing all the right curves. She found herself some black shoes with shiny silver six inch stilettos. To add to her shopping list some expensive angel perfume, short leather jacket (not biker, much more dressy ) and a hairdo and manicure. In total just over £400 to make her even more perfect than she already was. I couldn’t wait all this for me. Sure she felt good too but I just couldn’t wait. We spent the rest of the day in coffee shops and then back to the hotel to get ready to go out to a great restaurant. When she was eventually ready off we went. The meal was great and we were making each other so horny. We found a very lively bar next to the hotel and spent the rest of the night in there. Watching my wife walking around in such a dress and shoes was just such a sight, I was constantly turned on.

She was sitting on a bar stool and getting a little drunk. She was flirting outrageously with me and as usual when she is drunk, with any man near her. We were spending quite a lot of money and needed some more. I left her at the bar and went to get some cash. Twenty minutes later and when I got back to the bar my wife was still sitting at the bar BUT.

In-between her legs was a good-looking man with his arms around her, her arms around him and kissing passionately. Now my wife’s not a total slag, she knows my fantasy is for her to be fucked senseless by a man of her choice, and tonight must be the night she chose to go for it. And there’s me thinking all that shopping was for me.

I got her attention from a distance and she jumped of her stool and made her way to the loo. I met her there. “I’m so sorry” , she said “ I’m drunk, he bought me a drink and one thing led to another.” “Don’t worry” I said. We talked for a moment and decided she could have some fun . I gave her the room key and she went back to the bar with a story that she was married and she was there to meet up with another married partner (ME). But I had cold feet and had done a runner. And now here she is with no-one to service her needs. Well he didn’t need telling twice. They both drank up and she led him next door to the hotel we were supposed to be at. Now it was her and him.

It felt very wrong to see her walking off with another man. Very wrong knowing where they are off to and what they will get up to , But very very good sexy feeling. My insides were all twisted up and I was wondering what to do now. I could go and pull myself, but that’s not really my bag. I like the thought of my wife pulling and having her afterwards. But just how long would I have to wait. Not too long I hope, but not too soon because I want her to have a good time not just be used. Not in a hotel. She has done this thing before, twice down an ally way. Running round the back of a pub for a quickie with a stranger. Both times being used by someone who just wanted someone to spunk in. That was very good for us as she didn’t even get a chance of an orgasm. I finished her off, both times. This was going to be different. Those times she was wearing a cheap lycra dress for Primark. Not just spent £400 odd to look amazing.

I sat in a coffee house watching from across the road the hotel. The coffee house shut and there I was standing outside a closed coffee house for two more hours until I saw him sneek out . 2:47am. I went to our room and knocked.

She came to the door. Totally dishevelled hair all over the place. She had pulled on her dress and shoes and jacket. She was coming to look for me. We went back in and she sat on the bed. She just sat there looking at me. I sat next to her. I gave her a kiss. Owwe what was that. She tasted funny. She had sperm all over her. In her hair, on her face, over her clothes and running down her legs. I was a little annoyed. As she wasn’t on the pill I thought she would have used condoms. I have to. She said she was far too excited for all that and just wanted to taste him and have him come in her over and over. She said the first thing she did was suck him to completion, he shot all over her. Then she sucked him hard again and he took her fully clothed from behind pulling her hair a little and telling her he was going to fuck her hard. She said she loved all this and helped him by reaching round pulling her lovely firm round bum cheeks apart so he could fuck her deeper. She said at this point she knew he would make her pregnant and told him so. He just responded by pulling her hair a little more and fucking her even harder. This took her right over the edge and she came 1,2,3,4 times. He exploded his load deep into her unprotected womb. They fell to the bed and rested in a heap for a good few minutes. She then felt his hands moving over her, taking off her jacket, her dress. She was naked. He touched her all over making her body tingle. She got aroused again and returned the favour but slowly undressing him and grabbing hold of his semi hard 8 to 9 inch cock. She couldn’t get her hand all the way round it. She licked the tip and started to gobble it best she could, all the time keeping eye contact. As his eyes started rolling around he pulled her up onto him. She lifted herself up and lowered herself onto his rock hard massive cock. She fucked him this way for a while then they changed position and he got on top of her. They fucked very hard and very fast until she screamed out a final orgasm and he planted one last load of baby making seed deep into her again.

It took a little while but eventually he got up and got dressed. He said how great it was. She sat up begged to suck him clean. He couldn’t come again and left. Racked with a little bit of guilt she threw her clothes on and came to the door as I knocked. And there we were sitting there after hearing how a total stranger had just satisfied my beautiful wife more than once and had most probably made her pregnant. This was such an amazing experience for the both of us. We kissed and all I could taste was sex. She then told me we couldn’t have sex now. She was far too sore plus she just didn’t want to. She had had her pleasure and lots of it. The best I could hope for was a hand job. I was at bursting point and started banging myself off. She just sat there in the edge of the bed, legs crossed looking so fucking gorgeous, telling me how good it was being fucked and made pregnant by the stranger. She then opened her legs and told me to clean her up. As I started licking between her legs she told me she might even keep the baby as a reminder of the night a stranger with a huge tool gave her the best night of her life. I could hold back no more and shot my load up her leg.

We will be posting again.