Written by me

22 Jan 2009

Please help , I’ve gone and let my wife fuck another guy and now she’s cock hungry and wont stop. It all happened about two months ago. She came home from a night out with her friends very horny and we fucked hard all night long. Next day she admitted to me that she had got off with a couple of men she didn’t even know the name of and had had the best time. She wanted to go further next time but wanted me to be happy with it. It took some time and lots of persuasion so that bit was great and to tell you the truth I always had a secret dream that one day she would be taken by a stranger fucked senseless and make that up to me but now I had to agree with this so if it came back to bite me it would be down to me as well. Well now it has. The first time was amazing she dressed like a total slag. Short black satin skirt, purple low cut satin blouse and knee high stiletto boots. It’s the satin pink thong that got me, how sexy and I’ve never seen her in anything like them before. Then a quick peck on the cheek and off she went into town. Obviously with her friend who I recon has got all this going. Just because her husband is useless she seems to have got my wife to join her. We are all early thirties and all in good shape but her husband is a lazy git it has to be said. I couldn’t sleep and paced about all night until she got home full of nerves. Then finally she came home at 1:30am. I saw her get out of a car stumble up the drive and through the front door. I took her by the arm and sat her on the sofa. She sat there getting herself together I could see a damp patch on her tight satin skirt. She looked absolutely sexy in her boots and blouse that was now undone to the middle showing more than I would have wanted her to show to others on any normal night, but this night was different, she had been fucked well and true and I was waiting for all the news. She asked for a drink so I went to the kitchen and got her a juice. She came in behind me and turned me round. She then kissed me fully on the lips. I could taste something I hadn’t before. She smelt of sex and perfume. She kissed me again then with a naughty look asked if I wanted to know about tonight. Of course so she drank up and took me back to the sofa, we sat down and looked at each other. She said please fuck me take me now, I said not yet just tell me so she said. I did fuck someone tonight. We met in a pub, he took me to his car, he fucked me three times and I gobbled him just as he dropped me off. Yes he was bigger than you better as well and I have lost count of all the orgams I have had. He came in me loads and I am so happy. Now do you want that fuck or not. I took the bad with the good and fucked her to another orgasm. It felt so good the best fuck even she was screaming something shes never done before. She said she cant fuck anymore and we went to bed. We didn’t fuck until she went out the next week end and she fucked another guy. We of course fuck afterwards and its always great, but she doesn’t want to stop with the other guys. She says we are both having such a great time why stop but I think enough is enough. She has had four guys now and isn’t stopping. What to do….